The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder is out!!! March 09 2016

The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder

buy it now HERE!!!

Yeah! My souls, finally it's out, we have worked hard for the last two months to get out it in the "right" way! So keep ready to support us!

I call it the " 'DRo'C " series, it's:

The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder

what's that? An epic dark weird fantasy series exclusive for the Hollow Press, from an anonymous author "ARALLU". I'm proud to be his publisher and agent.
As he asks me I cant introduce that in anyway, you have just to look pictures, videos and read the foreword... and choose if it worths.

I can only say that it will be a series of 8 volumes, and it will be published within 4 years, maybe with a bit less time... because I cant hide that we have 3 issues ready yet.
Furthermore, for what I know it's the first comic I see made like a FIRST-PERSONvideogame, yeah it is read in a first-person way..

We present it with his first volume... the
1st seal:

A crippled baby 'n' the Obsidian Golem,
towards the she-Outcast

First by all I want speak about the price, 17€ ...a gift! This book is extremly expansive, I write again the techincal description:
size 24 x 34 cm,
32 pages + dustjacket + strips,
full-color off-set print,
printed on "tintoretto" paper of 200g,
double silk-screen of the white spots on the whole book through transparent varnish,
embossed title on the front cover.

It has an expansive paper, expansive details and above all it is DOUBLE SILK-SCREENED IN EACH PAGE!
The right price would be 30-35€, but we I have choosen to put it for sale at the cheap price of 17€ printing more copies and trying to spread it as much as possible.

Obviously it's in english, but we give the option to select in the store two different languages!
Italian and Japanese, totally free.

stop to speak, here the videos and some pix:

Video teaser of the series:

video preview of the first seal:

and here the picture of the cover:

some internal page:

details of the quality of the silk-screen and the paper:

--- and we have made also a super-high-quality giclée print of the Adwicked's Creek!

*** There is a very small bunch of "fetish" PVC stickers:

we will give them at the first customers that will place an order, they are about 50,
so hurry up and good luck! that's the only way to get it!

that's all at the moment!
I will come back within a couple of weeks to announce the upcoming Hollow Press releases of March and news about future project with Shintaro Kago and U.D.W.F.G. series!

more soon my souls!


From Arallu foreword:

Give up any illusions and consciously be entropic containers.
I'm not recounting to answer your questions but to let you exist in an anomalous aesthetic the contents that are yours since forever.

Their space-time, instead does not belong you...