Not a bad beginning :) May 01 2014

Hey souls , this is the monthly post.

Not a bad beginning , many artworks are sold out , we have sold a lot of copies only

with the help of facebook! in waiting for reviews, interviews in Italy and worldwide.

Some shirts, statuettes and prints sold too!

So thanks you'l for your support! We appreciate it and we are very happy not only for the good

starting sale results , but even for the great amount of enthusiastic comments. Our efforts aren't wasted!

Anyway I have the pleasure to announce that the Hollow Crew is just working on the new stories to have

all ready for the end of september, only a meteorite could be delay the second release date ;)


however , as usual I left you with some news:

- a video preview is made by Tetsunori Tawaraya (music made from himself!)



and the two first Italian reviews (try to translate them with the shitting google translator)
but I hope to recive USA reviews soon!

furthermore I notice you that from 5-6 May you can buy a copy of the zine RUMORE

in all Italian newsagents (edicole) to read a longer review , and in next two months most likely an interesting

special about U.D.W.F.G. project with interviews to me and all artists, always for RUMORE


keep in touch with the newsletter mail to be updated about the promotions of May , every month you'll be able to

see 3 new promotions!

hope you'l enjoy all our job, and hope to do always better in future


bie my souls!