So many news!!! April 09 2016

So many news!!!

several topics to show, I start with the preorders for the new two Hollow Press books:
(preorder is 15% off and books will be shipped in 15 of April)



Go on the Hollow Press walk with Gabriel Delmas! We are proud to publish his new comic book FOBO, inedited work, textless comic, get an indea watching some pictures HERE
This time, also available the original comic pages from the book, all with a preorder discount of 25% off!
Buy them now HERE



and we have an incredibly original new comic book by Tetsunori Tawaraya, all made with the scratchboard technique on black paper, and to stand out that, we will print the book with asilver ink on the prestigious PLIKE black paper. All the detail HERE
and just a bunch of artworks for sale, maybe the only ones ever. Don't miss them!
Buy them now with 15% off! HERE


Important news!
We are working with the great Shintaro Kago on a new exclusive Hollow Press book!
it is TRACT, a comic book of 64 pages, all in full-WATERCOLOR!!! Never seen!

I'm proud to announce that me and Christopher Butcher (theTCAF director) are organizing a big exhibition in Canada at the Toronto Comic Art Festival in May, we will exhibit all the amazing artworks of the book! if you come from Canada or USA cant miss it!
Hollow Press will be there even with his stand! See you there souls!


I want to thank all people that are supporting us with the new Hollow Press serie by Arallu:
The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder
I was surprised of how much it is appreciated by american customers, those guys have really good indie tastes!

if you have missed the video TEASER and video PREVIEW click on the links to watch!

and buy it HERE!


I want notice you about the last REVIEW and INTERVIEW about Paolo Massagli's Toxic Psycho Killer

and this amazing REVIEW from the USA

by the way, you can meet Paolo Massagli for chating and sketching at Varchi Comics, 
a festival where we will take part in 19 and 20 of March.


If you haven't bought yet, the Gabriel Delmas huge masterpiece Largemouths, try to watch this amazing VIDEO REVIEW

and a really deeply interesting italian REVIEW

Buy it on the store, HERE!


so, finally, talking about U.D.W.F.G. !!!

we have got just a little stop because Mat Brinkman is working with no stop at the expansion for his incredible board gameCAVE EVIL (i really suggest you to buy it). The Hollow Crew will come back to draw on U.D.W.F.G. serie for this summer, and probably the fourth issue will be published in the end of September.
I'm sure that you kindly understand us for our delay, but as you know I will never publish an issue without one of the Crew members.
So please, just a little bit of patience, and... if you don't own yet these amazing blackned serie you should really order it, you can do it right at Hollow Press STORE


It's all my souls, SUPPORT US and all our undergroundy efforts!
Stay tuned!