Preorder almost over! April 09 2016

Preorder almost over!

Yeah my souls, preorder will go on only for another couple of days, this saturday and this sunday. After all will be over! So hurry up to get the books with 15% off and the original artworks discounted.

You can buy them in the following links:

FOBO (new Gabriel Delmas comic + original artworks) HERE

CRYSTAL BONE DRIVE (new Tetsunori Tawaraya comic + original artworks) HERE

* all the ordered copies will be shipped after 15 of April, really soon! Books are already in printing!

* here some of the amazing sold pages from these books:



I talked about the new book with Shintaro Kago, TRACT
It will debut in TCAF of TORONTO (CANADA) with our stand, conference and exhibition there.
here the cover and some of the amazing internal pages


finally, here I will show you the first bunch of reviews for "The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder" - 1st seal by ARALLU

we are really glad that critics are enjoying our new main serie,
we have 3 ITALIAN review:

- Lo spazio bianco REVIEW
- 4C Comic REVIEW
- Justindiecomics REVIEW

and one in ENGLISH (USA):

- Famousmonster REVIEW

that's all at the moment!
more soon with many other news!