Hollow Press news of November 2014 December 11 2014


first I want notice you about my new interview in "fucking english"
by the great BleedingCool
and the new english review always for BleedingCool comics:

we have a new Italian book distro in Milan:


new great review from Slow Comics:

short video italian review!

finally we have a Canadian distro, I think the best one:
wonderfull quote from Justindiecomics:

important informations:
- we are working hard to publish 2-3 special U.D.W.F.G. books in 2014,
hardcover books with 32 pages of story from some of the best underground comic artists
in the World as "U.D.W.F.G. presents special guest star"
so keep you updated about anynews! More soon more details.
- Our official US distributor EEE from Cave Evil has sold out the tons of copies of
U.D.W.F.G. vol.1, they will get more copies very soon + the copies of second issue and
some t-shirt, don't miss them if you live in USA!
- Thanks to all people come at BilBolBul U.D.W.F.G. presentation in Modo Info Shop
in Bologna, this later November. We really appreciate that!
- Hurry up! if you want grab a copy of U.D.W.f.G. vol.1, only few copies left of 700!
+ several just sold original artworks.

some picx about one of my last effort to ship all copies and artworks in your distros,
we are slow but we work hard!



oh, I forgot, in next prestigious festival FUMETTO in Switzerland
will be present the Hollow Press stand with a secial guest star from Hollow Crew, Ratigher!!!
in 7-8 of March, don't miss it!