Shintaro Kago exhibition at TCAF! May 02 2016

Come to the Shintaro Kago exhibition!!!

Hey souls, finally I have organized a great exhbition of Shintaro Kago.
All that thanks at the collaboration with Peter (the owner of the best comic shop in Canada - the Beguiling) and Chris (the director of the TCAF - Toronto Comic Arts Festival)
It will take place at Narwhal contemporary gallery in Toronto during the TCAF. I'm sure it will be really tricky for you european customers to visit us. Anyway i really suggest at my american customers to join!
It's a great exhibition with all artworks shown and for sale from the last Kago's novel, TRACT.
It will be an exclusive for the festival, and only in the begining of June available in Hollow Press store.
We are speaking about 57 original artworks! All watercolor!!!

anyway I will attach the exhibition promotional poster:

anyway, here all the links:
Announcement of the event
Facebook official event page
Announcement of the book TRACT

* important!
If you are a collector, you can ask at:
the pdf with all original artworks available with prices.
Prices are all in cad$, about 1,30 US$ and about 1,40 €
so the change at the moment is really really good!

Obviously, at the TCAF will be many events and interviews about Kago, and the Hollow Press will be present at the festival with his own STAND with all the stuff and a bunch of original artworks by other artists, so if you are there don't miss to visit us!


and now, I will show you some pix of the last printed Hollow Press books.

Crystal Bone Drive by Tetsunori Tawaraya:


thanks to all customers that are spending kind words for this editions! silver ink on prestigious plike black paper! we were sure you would have appreciated that!
If you miss it you can order the book HERE!!!
and you can buy one of the few original artworks selected and left HERE!!!
(these will be the only one for sale of this book, so hutty up!)

* video preview HERE!!!


Fobo by Gabriel Delmas


it was a black and white book, but we prefered to print it in full color to get weird effects, like the black that is a dark purple and like the extra contents included in an acid orange background. Really cool effects!
If you miss it buy your copy HERE!!!
and obviously are available some of the original artworks of the book, buy them HERE!!!

* video preview HERE!!!


some of the last REVIEWS of Hollow Press books:

- U.D.W.F.G. - comicstavern (english)
- The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder - 1st seal - justindiecomics (english)
- The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder - 1st seal - duluth(italian) 
- Largemouths - fumettologica (italian)
- The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder - 1st seal - famousmonsters (english)

if you need to read some review to understand the quality of our last products read them!
Also in the store, from now, each book description include the reviews list!


I finish showing you an amazing mural by Tetsunori Tawaraya, made in Japan, about the last comic we published Crystal Bone Drive. Amazing???

more soon my sould! Stay tuned!