TRACT by Shintaro Kago is finally out!!! May 21 2016

TRACT by Shintaro Kago is finally out!!!

hey souls, 
first of all I want thanks all the canadian guys that have visited us at the TCAF of Toronto, it ran in this way:
- amazing exhibition, great space, all the 57 artworks exhibited
- I think there were about 120-150 people at the opening! A long come and go of people for all the evening.
- After only 1 hour from the opening we sold out all the Tract copies! Crazy!
- Here some pix of the exhibition (when was possible to do them...)

cover and presentation



the great Kago, was really proud

Kago signing

After that, we had a stand at the TCAF in Toronto, it is a really great festival, very well organized, with a lot of people and in an amazing place, the public library of Toronto! Even here everything was crazy!
Within only the first morning we sold out all Kago's books and about 80% of other Hollow Press stuff, also we reserved in a couple of hours all the Kago's portraits availbale!
In the evening, me and my friend Gabriele Di Fazio said
"what the hell we can sell now???", things gone out of our control soon and we started to get orders from people like in a web store! I never thought to be able to do such a thing!

By the way, if you reader are one between the guys has ordered from us at the stand, don't worry, I have scheduled the shippings yet, and they will be shipped right in this monday! 

Here the pix we made at the begining, when things were still normal!



hope to see you next year!!!

About the book, TRACT by Shintaro Kago, I have spoken a lot about in previews emails, you know exactly what it is, so now is just time for these:

- You can order HERE!

- You can buy original artworks HERE!

and you can watch the videopreview here:

At the moment, on Hollow web page you can see only the available original artworks from chapter 1 and chapter 4, the other two chapters 2 and 3 are still for sale in Canada.
Anyway hurry up! Choose your favorite one, last time we sold out 27 pages in less than 2 months!


Last thing, UDWFG vol.1 is almost sold out, not anyomre available for distribution, the only and exclusive way to get it, is to order the COMPLETE set. That's to protect people that in time will be sure to follow the serie and to avoid further sporadic sales. Hurry up, they are about 50 copies available!

here the link to buy it:

U.D.W.F.G. complete set, vol.1-2-3

That's all my souls,
stay tuned!