Hollow Press news March-2015 March 11 2015

Hello souls,
only to notice you that today is the last day for preorder getting 15% off on the following books!

(best of Tetsunori Tawaraya 2002-2012)

INFO link

U.D.W.F.G. presents: Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War

INFO link

and it's the last day to buy original Shintaro Kago's artworks here:
(HURRY UP! 10 pages are sold out yet)

preorder 25% OFF
pix to show you how much the artworks are amazing!

- Important news: U.D.W.F.G. vol.3 will be out in the end of May, we are really sorry for the small delay but a couple of the Hollow Crew members had very busy schedule in Jenuary/Febrary, we could print it in the end of March, but we prefer wait a month or two to give you'l the best quality as always, hope you can appreciate our comunication!
Anyway, it shouldn't cause a delay for next issue of the end of September.

- For all distributors that are reading this mail: you'l will get a mail this evening with all informations to order the old and new books.