Hollow Press news May 2015 May 22 2015

U.D.W.F.G. vol.3 preview!

(out in the middle of June!!!)

Mat Brinkman aka Fork Imp & Friend

Miguel Angel Martin aka DezXplorer

Tetsunori Tawaraya aka Mr. Rotten Donuts

Ratigher aka Lowest Note Keeper

Paolo Massagli aka Scar The Weaver


Some other news:
- all Shintaro Kago's artworks are officially sold out (sold 27 pages of 27)
thanks to all the customers!

- this is a long interview I made for Fumettologica about a month ago (italian version)
and here now, the ENGLISH version:
- a recent cool generic review about the last Hollow Press' publishings!
- new US store acquired, the great http://floatingworldcomics.com/
- and acquired a distro for Portugal http://www.chilicomcarne.com/
- new ITALIAN review for U.D.W.F.G. presents: Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War
- new ENGLISH  reviews for Tetsupendium Tawarapedia
and this
- new ITALIAN review for U.D.W.F.G. presents: Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War
- and finally a cool review about U.D.W.F.G. vol.2 from BASTONATE

I want notice you that are left only 150 copies + some copy for advertising (not numbered)
of U.D.W.F.G. vol.1, it will be available for distribution for the last bunch of copies, and 50 of them
will be not for sale, reserved for Hollow Press archive. So hurry up!

also only 100 copies left of U.D.W.F.G. presents: Shintaro Kago. Only 50 of them will be available
for sale, the other 50 copies will be reserved for next Lucca Comics and Games festival in the end of October.
Important update about the shipping policy:
the cheap ordinary mail is a good choice to save some money, but you HAVE to know that it is an ordinary mail (not trackable). I have studyed the results of the last hundreads of shippings done and this is the report: it usually take 5-10 days to deliver in Europe, 15-20 days to deliver in USA-CANADA, 20-30 days to deliver in all other countries like Australia, Sud America, Japan, China etc. (yeah! Hollow Press got several orders from China customers too!)
Considering an average of 100 shippings through cheap and ordinary way, 90 respect the time of delivery, 9 got a delay of 10-15 days, and 1 go lost. So it is a good way to order, but if you live in a particular place, or you are an anxious person, please choose the option that I have just set, the registered mail option (obveously more expansive), here the brackets:

International Registered Shipping 0-0.5 kg --- 0.00 kg - 0.50 kg = €10.00 EUR
International Registered Shipping 0.5-1 kg --- 0.50 kg - 1.00 kg = €14.00 EUR
International Registered Shipping 1-2 kg --- 1.00 kg - 2.00 kg = €18.00 EUR

more soon my souls! With the new U.D.W.F.G. volume shortly, and I want announce you that I'm yet working on about 4-5 new incredible books, most of them for September/October.

PS: keep in touch with the next newsletter, I will announce an incredible offer in the "state lottery" style to let you grab free original artworks!
(reserved only for subscribed souls)