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U.D.W.F.G. vol.3 is finally OUT!!!

sorry for the delay, some of the artists got insurmountable commitments,
but, anyway now U.D.W.F.G. vol.3 is out, you can order it and original artworks here:
and the new t-shirt, this time by Tetsunori Tawaraya here:

now is possible to order from the store and pay with credit card through 2checkout secure system, we need only of a couple of days to configure it.

news about upcoming publishings:
- there will be an underground hidden masterpiece "LARGEMOUTHS" by the great artist Gabriel Delmas, out in early September (also available a very small bunch of original artworks and a limited print).
A 700 pages book, a dark weird fantasy tale inspired at "Saturn eats son" by Goya.
Here the raw cover:

- we are also working again with Shintaro Kago for a limited portfolio, a teaser of a longer book that Hollow Press will publish in 2016

*the "U.D.W.F.G. presents: Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War" is almost sold out, about 10 copies left after last distribution in Japan, grab your copy (first edition) here:
we will reprint it in September, but it will be a digital high quality print (not offset) and maybe it will suffer an overcharge on the price. (reprint will be limited at 150-250 copies more less)

- also working on the first Paolo Massagli aka Scar the Weaver solo book, it's amazing! Here the FULL cover:

some other sporadic news:
- acquired a new store in Taiwan!
- acquired a great store in Japan
- I want remember you that all original artworks by Paolo Massagli and Tetsunori Tawaraya are sold out, so buy the new ones soon! (from volume3), also Shintaro Kago's artwork were sold out in only a month more less, soon new artworks available, stay tuned!
- here a new superreview of Tetsupendium Tawarapedia:
- from our distro in Portugal:
- an interesting and generic italian review:

Also, really cool news, Hollow Press is really glad for the results got selling original artworks, so I want improve it involving my customers in a new incredible project (only the subscribed at newsletter can see them). By now start the "SPREAD COLLECTORS" project, a serie of events during the year, rather rare, where we will arrange special promotions to get FREE original artworks. The first one is in collaboration with Miguel Angel Martin, and limited at only 3 lots! So keep always an eye on Hollow Press and hurry up to grab one of the lots! (istructions in the item description)
Hope you enjoy the initiative, and the lucky ones would make Hollow Press really happy, sharing the won artworks on social or blogs.

here the link: GOOD LUCK!

below the showcase...