Coming back from Lucca Comics! November 06 2015

Hey souls, many stuff to say and show, so:

- thanks to EVERYONE to visit us in Lucca Comics, we have sold a lot, get many contacts for the future and met many interesting fans!
For worldwide souls, this was the Hollow Press stand

Hollow Press is coming to be a great underground press, in only half of an year we have built up a lot of stuff, we are proud to be one of the creepyest press on the way! And all that is thank to you! Continue to follow us if you think you can trade any other part of your soul...

this was the Hollow Press conference (Ratigher arrived later)

and this is the picture with the artists, really thanks to Gabriel Delmas to have taken part at the festival fighting with the hard rythm of one of the biggest festival of the World..

- the winner of the stand "lottery" is Giuseppe Federico! Congratulation, he won an amazing Shintaro Kago original artwork (this was the spread collectors event #2).
and here the video of the "extraction" by Miguel Angel Martin:

- here the new Gabriel Delmas' artworks available for sale! All was made during the festival, many study sketches for the huge live painting:

Keep a look:

and I remember you to don't miss the Gabriel Delmas masterpiece LARGEMOUTHS, it's an incredible dip in his dark, crude and visionary world, 700 pages of comic, it will steal you about 2-3 hours of your life, and following the readers comments you will not able to stop yourself to re-read it multiple times!


- finally the first Paolo Massagli's book is available in the store, don't miss it! It's cool, cheap, and amazing as all Massagli's works!
buy it now here:



- all the Largemouths super prints are signed by Gabriel Delmas, in these days I will ship all the preordered ones!
furthermore, I have in the store a really restricted bunch of them available FRAMED IN REAL PINE WOOD! it's expansive but really cool! Look at it!

available here:

- also, I notice you that I have left only 2 of Shintaro Kago TRACT giclée portfolio, ask for the available numbers if you prefer to choose:

buy it now here:

- finally I start with the "STATUETTE WEEKEND" !!!
untill next monday you can buy the statuette of your favorite Hollow Crew member with 30% off!

Buy them now here:

It's all at the moment! I don't want overcharge your mind, see you soon for many further and interesting news!