Gabriel Del'MAS hollow gift December 13 2015

Gabriel Del'MAS
hollow gift

(valid from 13 to 31 of December) 33% OFF!!!

Hello souls, during November and December we have worked hard to organize all the books for 2016, now we are ready, we have scheduled about 8-10 books for 2016, so, stay tuned!

Anyway, I'm proud to announce the Largemouths Hard Cover limited edition, it's an huge book of about 2 kg of weight! with a thicker raw paper (100g) and numbered in first inside page. It is limited at only 17 copies, so hurry up!

Considering that I love you'l, I'm purposing it also in a 'Mas gift way, we offer
the Largemouths HC + the Largemouths Giglée print
with 33% off, 100€ instead of 148€ !!!



in the link there are all the details.

and I share with you some pix of the enourmous book:

and next, some picture to compare it with the tradepaperback edition:

Also we have an amazing review from the great Debbie Levin, you can read it on the post blog:

Shortly many other people will say us that Gabriel Delmas' Largemouths is a masterpiece, you know I never use this "word", but I really think this fucking book can fit well it!
In fact, we are yet working on a schedule for the future to publish further Gabriel Delmas' comics.


I remember you that Toxic Psycho Killer by Paolo Massagli is available in the store, I show you some review:


Thanks to everyone to have been at Paolo Massagli presentation at Mondi Paralleli:


Rapid news:

We have an agreement with mister Shintaro Kago for a new eclusive comic book, it is TRACT, as promised the comic book inspired by the portfolio artworks with the same name. It will be a 64 pages comic book all in full-color! WATERCOLOR!!! never seen from Kago!
The releasing date is about April-May 2016. Stay tuned!

In the while you can buy one of the last original artwork here:

or the LAST copy of the portfolio here:

if no one will buy it within a couple of weeks I will put it in my private collection!


Last thing, we are working on a new dark weird fantasy serie, it tastes really indie and is an epic serie of an author that prefers to be anonymous, "ARALLU". It will be a serie of 8 issues total, one each 6 months.
In next newsletter we will speak about deeply.
The release date is for the end of December, or considering the holydays maybe it will be ready withing the first two weeks of January.

this is the logo of the serie:
(it will be also a sticker to advertise)

and here a small detail of the comic:

is everything for now, more soon my souls!