a new Hollow Press artist!!! July 03 2016

a new Hollow Press artist!!!

--- LaurenceEngraver ---

yeah my souls, I'm proud to announce that Hollow Press for the first time will publish an emergent artist. It wasn't a guts matter, but simply we just needed to find out a real talent! Indeed I was following him since more than one year, and I need to thanks my friend/author Ratigher that brought my eyes straight to him, he is Lorenzo Baroni, aka LaurenceEngraver.
What was really surprising about Lorenzo is the way he presented himself to me.
I cant hide that constantly we recive submission from authors, but they are always so vague!
With Lorenzo was different, he presented to me an huge and really detailed storyboard for SIX volumes of a dark weird fantasy serie, apparently mainstream, but really underground indeed, full of desgusting and weird stuff, but at the same time, something I couldnt see since a couple of decades, in Lorenzo arts there is always a lot of DRAMA... what a classic word, maybe! But so classic that right now it's extremly original and uncanny.
At that time suddenly I contacted him to publish his work, yeah I can do it, not the usual incomplete story, but something really concrete, there was a lot of emotion in that fucking saga, I could see that was really important for him to draw that saga. Furthermore, he has a great techinque yet, and it's pretty fast. So no doubt... BUT!
He was still a student (right now he is only 21 years old), so I was waiting, and a month ago I discover that his thesis and graduation was scheduled, so I went to give a look at his thesis work, and it was PERFECT to present himself to people, to Hollow Press followers... in that thesis we can perfectly understand his art's aim, and that fucking thesis looks like a birth, maybe the LaurenceEngraver artistic birth. So in waiting of the main serie that we will start to publish next year, called "ABERRATION", I have the pleasure to present you some preview of the book/thesis OLTREMONDO, that will be presented and signed this 28 of June in Rome. Precisly at the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design).

extracts from OLTREMONDO by LaurenceEngraver:


This newsletter is also important because I want notice you that Hollow Press will be present with multiple shapes at maybe the best underground festival here in Europe, the Crack! festival of Rome, this 23-24-25-26 of June. The whole Hollow Press catalogue will be available at the Justindiecomics stand.
And the artist Gabriel Delmas (Largemouths and Fobo) will be the GUEST STAR at the Crack main stand to sketch his books andhe will make a special live wall painting for the event! So if you can go in Rome don't forget to meet him!

Furthermre a great collector, friend of mine, Marco De Giuli has organized a special exhibition about Paolo Massagli art(Toxic Psycho Killer and "Hell" serie on U.D.W.F.G.)
here the manifest:


some other important news to show fast:
- right now we have a new distributor for the USA, SEITE books, if you have a shop there order Hollow Press books direct from him.

- same thing here in Italy, we have an official distributor here, maybe the biggest comic shop here in Italy, Alessandro distribuzioni,

- new french review for Toxic Psycho Killer HERE
- new italian review for The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder HERE
- a student has made an Hollow Press wikipedia page like test for the school! what a pleasure! Wikipedia PAGE.
- new italian review for Industrial Revolution and World War by Kago HERE
- new italian review for The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder HERE

- a preview of Xuwwuu, the new ALL PAINTED comic by Gabriel Delmas, it will be exhibited at BilBolBul festival in November like exclusive!

- new italian review for Largemouths by Gabriel Delmas HERE
- TRACT by Shintaro Kago preview by Fumettologica HERE
- new italian review for Crystal Bone Drive, the last comic work by Tetsunori Tawaraya! HERE
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- new english U.D.W.F.G. review HERE
- new really deep english review for The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder HERE
- Shintaro's Kago Industrial Revolution and World War comic is among the best three manga of the last year for the french Nostroblog, you can see that HERE

- and don't forget that there are only a few of Shintaro Kago artworks still available, so hurry up!!! You can buy one of them right at this LINK.
and next some sample of pages still available:

that's all at the moment,
thanks for the support,
more soon!