back for a new year! February 24 2019

hey souls, 
this is just a quick newsletter to say...

some week ago we updated the store!
You can finally see real pictures of the books we printed, Multiforce and Teratoid Heights,
they are amazing and we really appreciate the tons of feedback we are getting in time.

HERE the link to buy!

and HERE!!! you can watch a video preview of Multiforce


we also have updated the Shintaro Kago page, putting out some of the artworks sold and adding some artwork never seen like covers and the few boxes left from last Lucca Comics, get a look HERE!

another important news about Shintaro Kago is that the first issue of Day of the Flying Head #1 is sold out, we have just a couple of dozen of it for sale through a complete set including an original study of the author,
so this is the last call to get it! You can buy it HERE!!!


another news always about Mat Brinkman, we chose to put an offer on the amazing resin figure of BATTLE MAX ACE, this is the first of a long series, so if you want collect all the weird characters by Multiforce outer/world don't miss this first one!
It will be 135€ (-20% off!) compared to the retail price of 170€, and this offer is valid only for a week.
Finally we have some real pix to show:

and it comes through a giant cool plexiglass black boxes with laser text!

if you want watch more, we made an amateur preview video, 
get a look HERE!!!

PS: If you think that we have made everything with Mat yet, you are absolutely wrong.
We have a lot of announcement to do within next few years, with a lot of incredible books, and we are planning a final/true deadline for 2019 to publish a final huge UDWFG book containing the closing chapter of all the stories of all the artists!