Back from Napoli Comicon! October 08 2019

hey souls,
here to present you our last two books, 
we have the second and probably last (at least for the moment) spin-off about Rust Kingdom world by Spugna.
It is "The Wizard Hat"
this time black and white + pantone magenta.
It is a 48 pages book, alway for 10€ as for Gnomicide, telling a story about the wizard, one of the favorite characters of the rust fans.

it is about a textless comic, just some word somewhere in the end (italian and english)


and you can buy HERE one of the very limited HC deluxe edition copies, as alway it contains a random original artwork from the comic, but this time almost all of them have an additional acetate sheet for the magenta like in this picture:

even this time we will put for sale the cover of the book, nay, the artwork includes the cover + backcover! Who will be the lucky guy to catch it?



the other book released is the Bestiarium by David Genchi, an artbook/bestiarium collecting some of the weirdest creatures from his grotesque/chivalrous world, this is a very limited edition, only 180 copies, it will be never reprinted, and when almost out of run, last copies will be heavily overcharged in store. So don't miss it!

we also put a selected amount of original artworks from this book HERE!
some pix:

___ some random news ___

- we put a video preview about Little Henri in Sourland,

the most recent work by Henri Dumas, large size, high quality paper and off-set print! Finally we have real pictures in the store.
Looks cool!

Also, we want notice you that the original artworks are selling very fast! 
HERE you can find everything.

- we will be present with a double table at the TCAF (toronto comic art festival) for this 11-12 of May, if you live in America don't miss to come to visit us.

- we want thanks all the fans that visited us at this Napoli Comicon, your support is so precious and we can weigh it everyday noting the constant growing of the sales we have, we almost doubled the cash there compared the last year. And also if we haven't won any award this time we were so proud to have two candidatures at Micheluzzi awards of Napoli Comicon:
Mat Brinkman with Multiforce as "best new edition of a classic"
David Genchi with Lo Fallo Perduto as "best first work"

- we want notice you that we have reprinted the great They Live in Me by Jesse Jacobs, 3°edition, you can buy it here!
- and also we have found in one of our warehouse three copies of Tetsupendium Tawarapedia (3°edition), if you were looking for one copy catch it before it disappears again!

* an update about all last orders received, everything will be shipped this Friday, sorry for the waiting, we have ten days of orders to ship, but we were out of town, thank you for your patience as always.
** another update, for all people that preordered the Little Henri in Sourland book, if you want add any other new book of stuff just contact us through the contact form and we will show you how to incorporate everything to save the shipping cost.

that's all at the moment, more soon for incredible news, you cant immagine... and if you cant imagine we are pursuing our goal!!!

ahhh fuck, I cant resist, a couple of clues:

more soon...