For a darker summer! July 13 2017

hey souls, I hate the summer, and probably you hate it too, so let's enjoy some cool and dark stuff to freeze us from inside!

first of all, I'm glad to announce that Hollow Press is publishing a new underground american artist, really underground, he has only an instagram page, an hidden gem that I haven't missed, fortunaly, he is Henri Dumas, and is making Virulent Vessels of Vesicating Vices comics somewhere within the United States.

if you just want taste him, you can try his two main comics (available separatly too):

V∴V∴V∴V∴ Den Dwellers #1

V∴V∴V∴V∴ Subterranean Centrifuge

if you are enough brave to be counsious that you are just a fucking limb, you can buy the:
Virulent Vessels of Vesicating Vices

This is a complete set containing all V∴V∴V∴V∴ comics.
Limied edition of 313 copies.
If you buy this set you have yielded to the vesicating archive #1 becoming a limb of the V∴V∴V∴V∴ lodge. You don't need to know what it means. Reading Henri Dumas tales, you will just be conscious to be a limb of the lodge.
To certify your membership you will get the folder with your ID number limb, your full namethe official Hollow Press stomp.

This set includes the main V∴V∴V∴V∴ comics: (also available separately)
Den Dwellers #1 (20 pages)
Subterranean Centrifuge (20 pages)
+ three extra comics exclusive of this set:
Egg Thieves (12 pages)
Toad (8 pages)
Subterranean Sacriledge (12 pages)

furthermore, you will get the two main starting items of the lodge:
the exclusive pin
the exclusive sticker
both needed to spread to existence of the lodge.

Published in June 2017
size of the box 17x24cm
all comics are printed in B/W off-set,
stapled binding in WHITE,
printed on the prestigious 200g paper 
Fedrigoni X-PER Premium White
(320g of the same paper for the folder)

as best preview, watch this 

also, I was so excited about Henri Dumas art that I shown his comics to the great artists Mat Brinkman and Tetsunori Tawaraya, they really enjoyed his comics and I'm proud to have got a couple of quotes:

"Downright disturbing detailed dreamworld drawings from Dumas, dare you dwell in the den?!" -Mat Brinkman

"It was a dim humid day of July, and the siamese suns were emitting freedom of darkness." -Tetsunori Tawaraya


as you can see Henri Dumas artworks are crazy, and obviously, as always, we have put some artwork for sale, they are selling very fast! Before the newsletter too, so I suggest you to buy your favorite soon.
You can buy them


* Henri Dumas is really physically in doing art,
to watch one of his artworks in live is a weird experience,
so is not rare to find some piece of extra paper attached
above some panel, cut parts, deleted parts with 
white ink, psychedelic additional paper parts, 
sketches/doodles/notes on the back of the artwork etc...

So, welcome at the V∴V∴V∴V∴ lodge!


If it is not enough, I have another very important news, the first issue of LaurenceEngraver main serie, Aberration #1, is finally out, and is extremly cool, a very unguishing reading, but with a lot of action as in manga style and an horror sentimentalism story that will surprise you, from LaurenceEngraver backcover description:
"Hunt the blood for blood. For his instinct he runs, and bares his teeth when found. That is all he can do. And shall do it for eternity."

don't miss it, buy it,

and some pix of the book:

* this product is available both in ENGLISH and ITALIAN

original artworks available 


just some pix to show you how much they are cool:

(this is the giant one, 70x50cm!!!)


that's all, I wish you a dark summer!