GRAYWORLD (the new scratched book by Tetsunori Tawaraya is out!) May 23 2017

Hey souls, 
first of all I'm glad at announce that Grayworld, the new scrathed book by Tetsunori Tawaraya is officially out!
Always with our amazing printing, silver ink on PLIKE black paper, this new comic looks cool at least as much as Crystal Bone Drive, don't miss it here how Tetsunori Tawaraya introduced the book:

"Grayworld is struggling with evil opening. They have to build more strong barrier. Scorpio is a transporter who is under his 6th mission to find sacred bugs in groundworld. Can he survive the mission, and bring sacred bugs for holy purpose?"

buy the book HERE!!!

and for a quick video preview watch THIS LINK

don't forget, if you missed the first scratched book CBD, we have just reptinted it, and second edition is exactly like the first (only different credits obviously), you can buy HERE!

of course we have for sale some of the best original artworks from the book, buy your favorite one before you miss it! Samples:

available HERE!!!

* Tetsupendium Tawarapedia 2°ed. went sold out, but from now we have printed the third edition available HERE


We went in Canada to take part at TCAF (TorontoComicArtFestival),
a great festival, a great pleasure, and as always we really want thanks all the guys organizing this amazing event and above all, you all coming to visit our stand loving what we are doing. As always we almost sold out everything! In these pix how our stand looked like:

sincerly, thanks to every one! We love canadian people.