Kap Trap - 1991, Texas October 08 2019

Hey souls, we are so proud to go on with the Brinkman work recovery, we have a lot of surprises about this legendary artist, we have books for at least next 3-4 years!
This is one of his very early comics, first of many, we rescanned the original artworks and published this short story keeping the original pagination: empty page on the left and comic page on the right, like a flip book!
It was originally made edition of 50, in 1991, when Brinkman was 18 years old, about 28 years ago!
With this comic we can see how much Brinkman style developed in time, but there is always his unmistakable visionary creepy funny essence.
Me and many critics think that Brinkman secret in making comics is to give to his characters and worlds real life, it's dark weird fantasy, but it's so creepy and funny as real life is, and it's incredible that this is present in his earliest works yet.

Speaking about the edition, we chose to make a small and very cool edition for a very affordable price, 9€, here the features of the edition:

trade paperback with Hard Thin Cover thanks to
Sirio Black/Black paper by 490g
Hot Foil in Bronze german ink on cover and back-cover
size 15x12 cm, 56 pages, black and white
offset print with Deep opaque black ink 
on Fedrigoni Arcoprint 1.3 ivory paper by 140g
stitched binding

this is a limited edition of 1000 copies and will never be reprinted when sold out

here some pix:

you can buy the book


I would also say that only the first 100 lucky and fastest guys ordering Kap Trap will get for free the special pin
printed black on bronze, 56 mm large.
If you don't get it you were too late so please don't feel offended, we printed a very limited amount of them!

*** another very important news, we finally reprinted two great books by Tetsunori Tawaraya, click on the titles for the buy link:



hope to have blackened a bit your summer at least,
and see you soon for the explosive autumn!