Little Henri in Sourland October 08 2019

hey souls,
here just to announce that the new comic by Hneri Dumas is finally available through preorder,
it will be shipped within April, through this preorder you will be able to save
25% off, paying just 15€
and not the retail price of 20€!

Henri Dumas, worked hard on it for a whole year, every page is very large (A3), a lot for the Dumas' standard. So they are full of detail, crazy art as we like. He was so dazzled by Winsor Mcay Little Nemo that he chose to pay homage putting all himself in this work.

Considering the high level of detail, as always we will print it on a very prestigious paper, 
the Fedrigoni X-per Premium White
32 pages + cover
white stapled
in a large format 24x34cm!

-from First Limb introduction:

This is an intuitively drawn, unadulterated portrayal ov a Flower Child’s Rude Awakening.
Thru hushed Words spoken in the Wind, Descending into thee Pits of Betrayal, and thusly thrusted into thee Mysteries of the cult of 


I show you just one page...

obviously we put original artworks for sale too,
I think they will sell fast, so hurry up, 
the cool thing is that each page is almost a stand alone story as in Little Nemo cult, so putting one of them on a wall is like to hang up a complete comic extremely full of details

they are all A3 size, huge! 30 x 42cm!!!

also I want remember you that to see a Dumas original artwork in live it's a very weird physical experience, from item description:

* Henri Dumas is really physically in doing art,
to watch one of his artworks in live is a weird experience,
so is not rare to find some piece of extra paper attached
above some panel, cut parts, deleted parts with 
white ink, psychedelic additional paper parts, 
sketches/doodles/notes on the back of the artwork etc...

** inquire for further photos.

just a pix as example:

you can find all artworks for sale HERE!

that's all for now,
follow us for this fucking 2019, we have so many weird surprises for you!