new Tetsunori Tawaraya scratchbook is out! November 15 2018

Dimensional Flats

Yeah souls, 
the new scratchbook by Tetsunori Tawaraya is finally out!
Dimensional Flats.
A new black, acid, dark weird fantasy, punk, mutant story!
Maybe the best one!
Always printed in silver ink on Black Plike Paper

from Tetsunori Tawaraya's description:
" There is a mutant doctor carries special raygun to treat deadly patients. One day, he was trapped into another dimensional world that was incarnation of rare disease. His comrades will run for saving his life with extraordinary method."


here some pix:


The book is available on our store, and we are proud to announce that we have reprinted the sold-out books Crystal Bone Drive (3°ed.) and Grayworld (2°ed.), available again after several months!
here where to
* a selected small bunch of original artworks available in the same link,
hurry up to buy them, all artworks from Crystal Bone Drive and Grayworld went sold out yet!
(temporary pictures, real photo soon)


another very important news,
in collaboration with Take Gallery we are launching a flash sale of ONLY 1 WEEK of an incredible new book by the great Jesse Jacobs.
It is Far Fetched, an huge hard cover monograph book of more than 1 kg of weight, 180 full color pages, it is incredible because include all the short comics published by Jesse Jacobs in the zine around in the World, a lot of unreleased sketches of the author, several commissioned works like posters etc, sculptures and it also include a really deep critic section.

The whole book is published in an unique edition containing both: italian and english texts!
here some pix:

it also include some unreleased full color picture of They live In Me comic, published for Hollow Press.

Another important detail: the edition that Hollow Press is purposing is the limited edition at 250 copies, only some dozen of copies left, it includes in the end of the book a special silkscreen signed and numbered by the artist during the exhibition, so hurry up to grab one of the last copies for just its retail price of 40€.

you can buy the book

that's all for now,
good black summer to all souls!