Oltremondo is out!!! July 03 2016

Oltremondo is out!!!

Hey souls, finally Oltremondo is out! came out like a gorgeous HardCover book. I have presented yet this young artist (LaurenceEngraver), and I hope he is in your tastes!

You can buy the book here:




limited, numbered and signed

here LaurenceEngraver during the booksigning at the IED

it is available in both the languages, english and italian, you just need to select that in the store while you are puting the book in chart

english                       italian

Pretty important:

*** This is a very limited edition, printed to present the Lorenzo Baroni thesis in the 28 June at the IED in Rome. Only the issues #26-75 are for sale normally, when will left the issues down #25 they will be retailed for 48€ and next, last ten issues for 96€, so hurry up! This is the only chance to get it at the normal price.

the book is splitted in two main parts: 

the first is the Oltremondo itself, a comic with the grids;


instead the second part is entirely made by splash pages and it's the "before Oltremondo"

obviously, as always, there are a bunch of the artworks for sale in the store, here the -LINK-

there are pretty cool artworks to hang up, and two of them are giant size:

So, I'm really satisfied about this first work, and stay tuned! In October we will publish an issue "0" of the Laurence's main series called ABERRATION, the serie will start in 2017, a long one of 6 chapter of over 128 pages each, with a publishing time of 2-3 years, yeah, he is pretty fast.


Furthermore, I want really thanks all friends I have met at the Crack festival in Rome, it was really cool:
pictures of Paolo Massagli's exhibition

picture of Gabriel Delmas stuff:

more soon my souls!