Shintaro Kago + Jesse Jacobs April 01 2017


Hey souls, 
after 2-3 months to schedule all our publishings of the year we start with two huge artists:

Shintaro Kago isn't new among Hollow Press artists, you know him and you know how much he is cool.
We are proud to publish a new exclusive comic serie by him titled:
"Day of the Flying Head #1"
this is the first issue and will be four issues total, two each year, second one will be out for October 2017.
I love this new comic, maybe it's my favorite one among his comics, maybe because is the most dark weird fantasy and dreamlike comic he never made.
So I really suggest you to read it.
It will be a very cool object, small size A5 with thick 170g paper, off-set B/W printing inside with a wonderful full colored cover printed in PVC. For a very "aggressive" price, just 8€, and just 6,80€ though preorder, so, don't miss it!
Here some pix:


you can preorder the book HERE!!!

and you can preorder original artworks from the storyboard for very fair prices HERE!!!
(-15% off /preorder)


(this time the main original artworks are preserved in Hollow Press archive, probably we will make some very cool exhibition, so we chose to not sell them individually, maybe for a very good offer we would sell the whole book)


About Jesse Jacobs, yeah souls, finally we commissioned an U.D.W.F.G. special to the great canadian artist Jesse Jacobs, one of my favorite! He doesn't need of presentations, if you don't know him please get a look at his short BIOGRAPHY.
What he made with this book is incredible:
"They Live in Me"
it's one of the most mental diverted and distressing thing I have never read, as always he let's me think a lot (think travelling in very weird gloomy spots), but that's normal, that's dark weird fantasy? So I'm not surprised he full understood what I meant for dark weird fantasy. Also there is a foreword by the great Noah Van Sciver:
"Nature is a haunted house--but Art--is a house that tries to be haunted."

very very very important, this cool comic is full of text, so we are printing a double edition, english and italian (many italian readers are jumping in the dungeon now...), so please when you order it SELECT WHICH LANGUAGE.
Obviously I remember you that U.D.W.F.G. specials are only 12€ in first printing and only 10,20€ through preorder, so don't miss it, because you know that reprintings would be more expansive (15€) and with laser printing, not the fucking high quality off-set printing.
here some pix:

so hurry up and get your copy HERE!!!

As always we put for sale all original artworks for very fair prices HERE!!!
(-15% off /preorder)


(many of the original artworks are for sale combined in double, triple, quadruple pages, the story is so good that I prefer to sell them in blocks, Jesse is one of the last guys to work with an handmade lettering, well done lettering, so it's a pleasure to hung up a complete readable sequence.)


INFO 1 - Important information, Industrial Revolution and World War (third edition) is sold out, there is the fourth edition ready for preorder, if you missed it hurry up to order HERE


INFO 2 - we have left only less than a dozen of copies of Crystal Bone Drive (first edition) and Tetsupendium Tawarapedia (second edition), you can buy one of the last copies now, by the way we will reprint them in the begining of May.


INFO 3 - We are delayed with The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder: 2nd seal by Arallu
I don't know why but I'm really thinking the cause could be the level of details of this new issue, anyway it's almost ready and it will be out within next few weeks.


INFO 4 - U.D.W.F.G. vol.4 from main serie is scheduled for this June, of course the waiting will worth!
Stay tuned!


INFO 5 - Just to notice you we got a booth for the Toronto Comic Art Festival, if you live in Canada don't miss to meet us! My english is very bad but I would be happy to chat with you!


INFO 6 - For italian customers only, we overcharged the shipping cost for the courier, only the courier, now it is 5,90€ and not anymore 5,00€, this is why we are giving all italian packages to DHL, it's slightly more expansive, but for just 0.90€ more we have a safer service and we are sure you agree with us.
The cheap shipping "piego di libri ordinario" has always the same price (2,00€), but I remember you it is not registered, so please if you choose it at least be patient. Thanks!


it's all for now, my souls,
let's talk again in next month!