SHIPPINGS! December 14 2018

shipping update about Brinkman stuff!

Hey souls, here finally to update you about the shippings, we are really sorry for the delay.
We shipped all orders including Multiforce italian edition and we know everyone got them fast thanks to our great DHL courier service, we thanks all the guys contacted us saying how much these books came out incredible and well printed!
About the orders including Multiforce english edition we finally got the final test press on the cover yesterday and tomorrow we will pick up all the copies ready for the shipping! It has an extra printing effect on the backcover compared to the italian version that caused us an extra week of delay, you will see how much is cool soon, because we will prepare all the packages since tomorrow and they will go on their way just from this monday, so of course you will get it within 4-5 business days from date of shipping and then, probably before Christmas to obscure a bit this fucking festivity!

We are really sorry about your waiting, we never made a so prestigious edition before and also our great printer (one of the greatest in Italy) got some difficult and delay on it, with several handmade binding passage, hot print multiple tests for the unusual size of the cover etc.
But when you will see it you will say "it was worth it!".

to excuse us about this delay we will put inside each english edition package an extra comic as gift, sure you will like it (it is from one of the Mat Brinkman favorite artists) if you have it yet just gift it to some friend of your by the weird tastes!

now some picture,
Multiforce (italian edition in picture)

Teratoid Heigths

books spine
extra stuff (as you can see the Skeleton Jelly print is signed by Mat in BilBolBul)

Multiforce t-shirt, silkscreen in front and back

* about the customers that ordered the Battle Max Ace limited figure probably the shipping will be sent some days after, producer is working on last details.


if you want order Mat Brinkman stuff, visit this LINK!
(please only consider that 300 limited copies of the 333 with extra stuff and signed print are sold out since a while, so you will not receive it with the extra stuff, the last 33 copies will be put for sale next for overcharged and collectible prices always growing following the next sales).


about the lottery draw we made on socials, we will announce the winner exactly in 25 of December, winning some Multiforce original drawings on an A4 paper!


another last important thing I want say,
Mat Brinkman was our special guest at last BilBolBul festival, with an huge exhibition at Pinacoteca of Bologna, you can still visit it within 16th of December, it really worth! Many people said me visited 2-3 times!
Anyway, if you cant, just visit this link of Hollow BLOG! where we posted a lot of photos

exhibition link to the BLOG!

and he also kept his first conference, too short, it was so interesting!
(interview by the great italian artist and editor Ratigher)

if you want read more about, Just Indie Comics made a wonderful and deep post (only italian)
here the LINK

Of course we have strengthen our relationship and we will have a lot of surprises for you in the future.