back for a new year! February 24 2019

hey souls, 
this is just a quick newsletter to say...

some week ago we updated the store!
You can finally see real pictures of the books we printed, Multiforce and Teratoid Heights,
they are amazing and we really appreciate the tons of feedback we are getting in time.

HERE the link to buy!

and HERE!!! you can watch a video preview of Multiforce


we also have updated the Shintaro Kago page, putting out some of the artworks sold and adding some artwork never seen like covers and the few boxes left from last Lucca Comics, get a look HERE!

another important news about Shintaro Kago is that the first issue of Day of the Flying Head #1 is sold out, we have just a couple of dozen of it for sale through a complete set including an original study of the author,
so this is the last call to get it! You can buy it HERE!!!


another news always about Mat Brinkman, we chose to put an offer on the amazing resin figure of BATTLE MAX ACE, this is the first of a long series, so if you want collect all the weird characters by Multiforce outer/world don't miss this first one!
It will be 135€ (-20% off!) compared to the retail price of 170€, and this offer is valid only for a week.
Finally we have some real pix to show:

and it comes through a giant cool plexiglass black boxes with laser text!

if you want watch more, we made an amateur preview video, 
get a look HERE!!!

PS: If you think that we have made everything with Mat yet, you are absolutely wrong.
We have a lot of announcement to do within next few years, with a lot of incredible books, and we are planning a final/true deadline for 2019 to publish a final huge UDWFG book containing the closing chapter of all the stories of all the artists!

Multiforce and Teratoid Heights are finally REAL! December 14 2018

yeah souls, here to announce that after one year of hard work all that is in printing and available for preorder with exclusive contents!
We are so proud of that... this is where everything got origin, where I thought and created the under dark weird fantasy ground acronym... thinking at Mat Brinkman's comics...
And now I realized a dream, to publish his two masterpicies, Multiforce and Teratoid Hegiths, not published as normal books but as museum editions, with a very prestigious printing and paper, with extra contents and with parallel collectible stuff like t-shirt and huge action figures.

to describe everything I would write a lot, but luckily I prepared some flayer to advertise this incredible event, so just read the flyers below to have all the details and obviously click this link to go in the Mat Brinkman dedicated page of our official store to order everything.


* I really want thanks all people that worked on it, they are a lot, they know who are.
If you want support this immense investment just buy it for their really and incredible fair prices, and mostly spread the Hollow verb here and there around!


TERATOID HEIGHTS and Multiforce t-shirt flayer

Multiforce character figure - Battle Max Ace flayer


also, very important to let you know that we are proud to have as special guest Mat Brinkman at BilBolBul festival 2018 for 23-25-25 of November, to make this event special we have organized maybe the first exhibition at the career of the artist, in collaboration with BilBolBul at the prestigious Pinacoteca of Bologna. About 70-80 pieces will be exhibited there from the Michele Nitri private collaction.
Don't miss this unique and rare event and book your flight or train soon!

Mat Brinkman at BilBolBul flayer

* if you mind to visit the festival you can choose the free shipping with hand delivery in BilBolBul during the order and get your stuff hand by hand!

thanks you all for your support and hope to see you in Bologna!

three new books! November 15 2018

three new books!

hello souls,
here to notice you about our last releases:

1- we published the first true long comic by the extreme underground young artist David Genchi, it is called:
(watch the video preview here)
this is just the first of a long series of books by the artist about the genre he named chivalrous/grotesque.
64 pages of full color comic colored through dull colors.
Weird squared size, 22.5x22.5cm, and only 13€
get a look:

*and also there is the alternative version with an off-set collage limited print, limited at only 113 copies and signed by the artist, for only 7€ more, hurry up to order, because a good bunch of them will stay in the Hollow Press archive and will be sold for overcharged prices in next few years.

2- we published a long forgotten masterpiece, "Benemerenze di Satana" or "Satana's Merits" in english, from an old book of an almost unknown insane writer, Domenico Vaiti, drawn by the master italian artist Marco Corona through 120 pages. This is an incredible book, if you like Robert Crumb or other underground comic artists working with sexual contents you cant miss it!
For more information about it I suggest you to read the introduction on the item page.
(watch the video preview here)
*this incredible book contents 13 chapters, and each one is drawn through a different style by the master Marco Corona to represent the madness by Vaiti.

buy the book HERE!
and buy one of the amazing original artwork HERE!

3- finally, we have published a spin-off from the masterpiece The Rust Kingdom by Spugna, considered one of the best comic book of 2017 by many critics and candidate for the next Gran Guinigi awards, the most important italian award in Italy from Lucca Comics festival.
(watch the video preview here)

*also we made a special hard cover giant edition containing a random original artwork from the book!
Hurry up to buy it, I can say you that only with social reservation and TCBF festival sales we have sold more than 40 copies, so there will be very few copies available.
Here some exemple of original artwork.

and HERE! you can buy the unique original artwork for sale individually, the amazing cover!


other important info:

I really want thanks all the souls that visited us at Treviso Comic Book Festival and our creepy booth,

obviously me and Genchi thank all the guys that shot pictures to his Sacred Relic!

and to celebrate this big release with the young David Genchi we chose to offer for just a couple of days the 50% OFF! on his other books and a small selection of artworks! Don't miss this unique and crazy initiative!
get a look HERE!


Hollow Press is proud to announce the first exhibition at the career of the iconic underground artist Mat Brinkman,
probably the most influential underground comic artist of last twenty years,
in collaboration with BilBolBul 2018, will be exhibited at the prestigious Pinacoteca of Bologna.
Will be exhibited about 70-80 pieces from Michele Nitri's private collection, one of the hugest Brinkman's collection in the World,
with pieces able to show almost every step of the crazy artist career.
Begin to book your flight to visit the exhibition and not miss this unique event!!!
If you know the artist you know you cant miss it...
More soon with more specific informations!

soon we will notice you about new collaborations with Mat Brinkman and new releases!

I like the idea to leave you with this news,
so, more soon my souls!

new Tetsunori Tawaraya scratchbook is out! November 15 2018

Dimensional Flats

Yeah souls, 
the new scratchbook by Tetsunori Tawaraya is finally out!
Dimensional Flats.
A new black, acid, dark weird fantasy, punk, mutant story!
Maybe the best one!
Always printed in silver ink on Black Plike Paper

from Tetsunori Tawaraya's description:
" There is a mutant doctor carries special raygun to treat deadly patients. One day, he was trapped into another dimensional world that was incarnation of rare disease. His comrades will run for saving his life with extraordinary method."


here some pix:


The book is available on our store, and we are proud to announce that we have reprinted the sold-out books Crystal Bone Drive (3°ed.) and Grayworld (2°ed.), available again after several months!
here where to
* a selected small bunch of original artworks available in the same link,
hurry up to buy them, all artworks from Crystal Bone Drive and Grayworld went sold out yet!
(temporary pictures, real photo soon)


another very important news,
in collaboration with Take Gallery we are launching a flash sale of ONLY 1 WEEK of an incredible new book by the great Jesse Jacobs.
It is Far Fetched, an huge hard cover monograph book of more than 1 kg of weight, 180 full color pages, it is incredible because include all the short comics published by Jesse Jacobs in the zine around in the World, a lot of unreleased sketches of the author, several commissioned works like posters etc, sculptures and it also include a really deep critic section.

The whole book is published in an unique edition containing both: italian and english texts!
here some pix:

it also include some unreleased full color picture of They live In Me comic, published for Hollow Press.

Another important detail: the edition that Hollow Press is purposing is the limited edition at 250 copies, only some dozen of copies left, it includes in the end of the book a special silkscreen signed and numbered by the artist during the exhibition, so hurry up to grab one of the last copies for just its retail price of 40€.

you can buy the book

that's all for now,
good black summer to all souls!

BLACK SPRING PACKAGE and COMICON festival in Naples April 08 2018



hey souls,
Hollow Press publishings start by now and will be 16 during the whole year (reprints excluded).
Will be a killer year for us, but we are sure about your special support.

So let's go:
The first comics of this year are five and will be presented in exclusive for this Comicon festival in Naples.
So we thought at an Hollow Press preorder where you can save (getting the whole lot) -15% OFF.
To demonstrate how much the full followers are important for us I have prepared some dozens of special pins, very limited, NEVER available again, they are simple Hollow Press logo pins, but are special because are HUGE and opaque! For true collectors, the pin is 7,6 cm!

I past here the description of the preorder
(I have introduced the contained books in the last email, if you missed it get a look at our official BLOG)

*This is a preorder, all the book included in this package are 15% off, this is the only way to get these books discounted.
Buying this special package you will get an exclusive HUGE HollowPress pin, size is 7,6 cm, it's very limited, buy it until it's in stock. There will be no others way to get this special pin and the number of packages available is limited to few dozens of copies.
Obviously all the comics here contained will be available after the preorder at a full price. The only book with texts (Junko by Danilo Manzi) is printed in both the language, english and italian, so you will get the right language depending by your shipping address.

** Black Spring Package will be shipped in 7th of May.
(after Comicon 2018 of Naples)

Here the list of the contents:
- outERoticspace by David Genchi and Miguel Angel Martin
(split book of 16 pages + cover, A4 format, full color, printed on the prestigious 200g Fedrigoni X-per paper, 10€)
- Day of the Flying Head #3 by Shintaro Kago
(same edition of the other issues of the series, 8€)
- Junko by Danilo Manzi
(24 pages + cover, A4 format, b-w, very limited edition that will be never reprinted, 6€)
- Den Dwellers #2 by Henri Dumas
(same edition of the first issue, 5€)
- Drippin' by LaurenceEngraver
(28 pages + cover, A4 format, printed in white on black mat paper, 10€)

+ the special HUGE Hollow Press pin!

total would be 39€ but during the preorder discounted is just 33€ for 5 comics + pin!


*** The only book I haven't described you in last newsletter is the split book between David Genchi and Miguel Angel Martin. They met each other in last Lucca Comics and suddenly born a mutual esteem. So I had an idea in my mind for years "what happens if I ask to some artist to make an erotic comic without any human or common animal form?". So I purposed it to Martin (one of the icon of European underground comics) and to Genchi (one of the true extreme underground revelations in comic World, just 21 years old)
What came up is the "outERoticspace". A comic readable from left to right or from right to left... you always will reach the amazing double page in the middle drawn by both the artists together!

You can see the double cover above, and I attach here below some of the original artworks as preview, get hurry! I really think they will go sold out soon.
(all original artworks from new books are -15% off too!)

(IMPORTANT, this whole split book will be exhibited in one of the main exhibitions of this Napoli Comicon, in collaboration with the Comicon team!)

Also we have put for sale the cool original artworks from Drippin' by LaurenceEngraver, they are all scratching on black board, considering the hype you'l showed up with the past previews I really think that we will see an high interest in them, so if you have a favorite page don't hesitate to buy asap.
I show you some page here:



So, I'm proud to announce that this will be the first year I will take part to the Comicon festival of Napoli, we will have the blackest booth as always, so come to visit us from 28 of April to 1 of May.
I will be there with all the new books and the special guest:
- David Genchi
- Miguel Angel Martin
- Spugna
- LaurenceEngraver
- Danilo Manzi

HERE the link of the festival to be always updated
* as said yet in this email, if you are there you cant miss to visit the amazing split-book outERoticspace in exhibition.


Other important news about the so asked "TO REPRINT" books!
We have reprinted all the following books, available for shipping by 7th of May:
- U.D.W.F.G. presents: Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War (6°ed.)
- Toxic Psycho Killer by Paolo Massagli (2°ed.)
- U.D.W.F.G. presents: Jesse Jacobs - They Live in Me - english edition (2°ed.)
(click on the titles to preorder the books)
Also we had the chance to get a very small bunch of the They Live in Me silkscreen by Jesse Jacobs, it's huge, 50x70cm, signed and numbered by the artist, I have just a dozen of them left.
Here a picture:


Thanks for reading and support!
Enjoy the new books!

Incredible time at Lucca Comics 2017 April 08 2018

Incredible time at Lucca Comics 2017

(plus several big news!)

Hey souls,
here so many things to say, so I will try to be brief to avoid mileage emails.
2-3 weeks ago we came back from Lucca Comics and Games 2017festival, as always the most stressful event for my press, five days of hell and hard work. But I really want make some thanks:

- first of all infinite thanks to all fans that assaulted Hollow Press stand, you all are always more, year by year, and thanks to you all, this year we have almost quadrupled the sales in this festival with just four meters of booth... I will never forget those first two hours at the stand... where I was steadly with my head down to write, sign, consign stuff etc, a sort of long trance, if I remember well 30-40 people in front of me for two hours with no stop...
I obviously thanks my two assistants, Antonio Lo Muzio and Paolo Vigneri, two true hollow spartans, one of this guy can hold a booth alone, can do anything, no enough words to thanks them. And I will never forget Paolo Vigneri sentence after a couple of days "I really think I have never worked so hard in my life".
Here the full team:

- ah special thanks go to Juan Scassa, the interpreter for Shintaro Kago, he made an incredible work letting the master to 100% enjoy the festival and the experience, no doubt about that just seeing how much they have related each other establishing a strong friendship.

- great thanks to all the artists guest at my stand, this year we got 7 guests, Shintaro Kago, Paolo Bacilieri, Paolo Massagli, Spugna, David Genchi, Danilo Manzi, LaurenceEngraver, they sketched a lot... and I'm so proud that the young italian artists are growing up a such friendship, I discovered with my pleasure they now call themself as "coinquilini del male".

just some curiosity:
- I'm so proud that Paolo Bacilieri won one of the most prestigious award in Europe, he won the Gran Guinigi as "best short story" with the book published with us, Palla!
I made it in live with him but I really want thanks again him for the wonderful words he spent for me on stage during the prizegiving.

- the italian artist Spugna put a sort of record in italian underground comics (I guess), with just this festival he sold out all boxes of The Rust Kingdom we brought there... we are speaking of an half satan, 333 copies! Sold out in the early morning of the fifth day of the festival... congratulation to our Spugna for his amazing comic book, for many critics book of the year yet!
Yeah, Spugna went slaved, see the picture

* we printed 1500 copies of this book and probably it will go sold out within a couple of months, so if you want the first edition, hurry up to order it!

- also we are superproud to have organized a live painting with Shintaro Kago during the festival, this was a particular event, because Kago made about 80% of painting and the rest (all the trashing details from the head) was made by the young italian hollow artists! So a painting at 10 hands!
Finally, they all signed the painting and it went to a charity auction after some hours to help the local pediatric hospital.


- we have on the store a new Paolo  Massagli comic! A minicomic!
it is Chain and is printed in black and grey, don't miss it if you are a fan of his unmistakable style!


- we have tons of news about Shintaro Kago, the series Day of the Flying Head go on with his second issue:


also we have made a special and limited box (very high quality printing) to collect all the four issues as soon as complete, the box is for sale with no books BUT with an original artwork completly at random of the series, it's launch price is only 70€ (price will rise up in time), we have prepared 64 boxes at the moment, 32 for the 32 pages of first issue and 32 for the 32 pages of second issue, we sold about 35 copies during the Lucca Comics festival, so are left very few copies available, hurry up to get your one!
Pease read carefully the desciption in the inserction, 


* I swear that the artworks inside are completly random I just kept for me 1 page from first issue and 1 page from second issue (watch the picture).

Also we have printed a couple of huge limited and signed prints by Kago, one for eahc issue of the series, they are large, 35x50cm, printed in offset, and with a very low and collectible price, 19€ each, and 25€ the couple, yeah crazy price, hurry up to buy them, last copies will be heavly overcharged in price.
find them HERE!!! 

Also we have some sketch study and sketch layout for very cheap prices, from 15€ to 65€, if you want start to collect original artworks but you cant effort expansive prices this is the right chance to get some HERE!!!

and have two new incredible artworks, ink and watercolor on thick paper, they both are huge, 35x50cm, giant size, are the same artworks of the posters (so, published artworks!). These are for true underground and prestigious walls, ready to be framed! I show them with some detail:



OK, end of newsletter, I promised to be shortest possible, and as always we have a long newsletter, sorry for that, these are just the main things, of course I forgot tons of important informations to write.

From now a bit of relax, see you soon souls, for next year with another dozen of killer/hollow books.
See you soon in December newletter with important news about U.D.W.F.G. vol.4 and Chaosholder series.

I will say bye you through this small treat that surprised me, the mother of one of hollow artists, "David Genchi" stitched for me the Hollow Press logo! It wasn't requested by me but a fantastic and unexpected surprise, of course an item I will preserve with jelousy, size is about a real head!

GRAYWORLD (the new scratched book by Tetsunori Tawaraya is out!) May 23 2017

Hey souls, 
first of all I'm glad at announce that Grayworld, the new scrathed book by Tetsunori Tawaraya is officially out!
Always with our amazing printing, silver ink on PLIKE black paper, this new comic looks cool at least as much as Crystal Bone Drive, don't miss it here how Tetsunori Tawaraya introduced the book:

"Grayworld is struggling with evil opening. They have to build more strong barrier. Scorpio is a transporter who is under his 6th mission to find sacred bugs in groundworld. Can he survive the mission, and bring sacred bugs for holy purpose?"

buy the book HERE!!!

and for a quick video preview watch THIS LINK

don't forget, if you missed the first scratched book CBD, we have just reptinted it, and second edition is exactly like the first (only different credits obviously), you can buy HERE!

of course we have for sale some of the best original artworks from the book, buy your favorite one before you miss it! Samples:

available HERE!!!

* Tetsupendium Tawarapedia 2°ed. went sold out, but from now we have printed the third edition available HERE


We went in Canada to take part at TCAF (TorontoComicArtFestival),
a great festival, a great pleasure, and as always we really want thanks all the guys organizing this amazing event and above all, you all coming to visit our stand loving what we are doing. As always we almost sold out everything! In these pix how our stand looked like:

sincerly, thanks to every one! We love canadian people.

Shintaro Kago + Jesse Jacobs April 01 2017


Hey souls, 
after 2-3 months to schedule all our publishings of the year we start with two huge artists:

Shintaro Kago isn't new among Hollow Press artists, you know him and you know how much he is cool.
We are proud to publish a new exclusive comic serie by him titled:
"Day of the Flying Head #1"
this is the first issue and will be four issues total, two each year, second one will be out for October 2017.
I love this new comic, maybe it's my favorite one among his comics, maybe because is the most dark weird fantasy and dreamlike comic he never made.
So I really suggest you to read it.
It will be a very cool object, small size A5 with thick 170g paper, off-set B/W printing inside with a wonderful full colored cover printed in PVC. For a very "aggressive" price, just 8€, and just 6,80€ though preorder, so, don't miss it!
Here some pix:


you can preorder the book HERE!!!

and you can preorder original artworks from the storyboard for very fair prices HERE!!!
(-15% off /preorder)


(this time the main original artworks are preserved in Hollow Press archive, probably we will make some very cool exhibition, so we chose to not sell them individually, maybe for a very good offer we would sell the whole book)


About Jesse Jacobs, yeah souls, finally we commissioned an U.D.W.F.G. special to the great canadian artist Jesse Jacobs, one of my favorite! He doesn't need of presentations, if you don't know him please get a look at his short BIOGRAPHY.
What he made with this book is incredible:
"They Live in Me"
it's one of the most mental diverted and distressing thing I have never read, as always he let's me think a lot (think travelling in very weird gloomy spots), but that's normal, that's dark weird fantasy? So I'm not surprised he full understood what I meant for dark weird fantasy. Also there is a foreword by the great Noah Van Sciver:
"Nature is a haunted house--but Art--is a house that tries to be haunted."

very very very important, this cool comic is full of text, so we are printing a double edition, english and italian (many italian readers are jumping in the dungeon now...), so please when you order it SELECT WHICH LANGUAGE.
Obviously I remember you that U.D.W.F.G. specials are only 12€ in first printing and only 10,20€ through preorder, so don't miss it, because you know that reprintings would be more expansive (15€) and with laser printing, not the fucking high quality off-set printing.
here some pix:

so hurry up and get your copy HERE!!!

As always we put for sale all original artworks for very fair prices HERE!!!
(-15% off /preorder)


(many of the original artworks are for sale combined in double, triple, quadruple pages, the story is so good that I prefer to sell them in blocks, Jesse is one of the last guys to work with an handmade lettering, well done lettering, so it's a pleasure to hung up a complete readable sequence.)


INFO 1 - Important information, Industrial Revolution and World War (third edition) is sold out, there is the fourth edition ready for preorder, if you missed it hurry up to order HERE


INFO 2 - we have left only less than a dozen of copies of Crystal Bone Drive (first edition) and Tetsupendium Tawarapedia (second edition), you can buy one of the last copies now, by the way we will reprint them in the begining of May.


INFO 3 - We are delayed with The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder: 2nd seal by Arallu
I don't know why but I'm really thinking the cause could be the level of details of this new issue, anyway it's almost ready and it will be out within next few weeks.


INFO 4 - U.D.W.F.G. vol.4 from main serie is scheduled for this June, of course the waiting will worth!
Stay tuned!


INFO 5 - Just to notice you we got a booth for the Toronto Comic Art Festival, if you live in Canada don't miss to meet us! My english is very bad but I would be happy to chat with you!


INFO 6 - For italian customers only, we overcharged the shipping cost for the courier, only the courier, now it is 5,90€ and not anymore 5,00€, this is why we are giving all italian packages to DHL, it's slightly more expansive, but for just 0.90€ more we have a safer service and we are sure you agree with us.
The cheap shipping "piego di libri ordinario" has always the same price (2,00€), but I remember you it is not registered, so please if you choose it at least be patient. Thanks!


it's all for now, my souls,
let's talk again in next month!

U.D.W.F.G. Presents: Paolo Bacilieri - PALLA September 17 2016

hey souls, finally everything is almost ready with this new U.D.W.F.G. special, this year the guest star is Paolo Bacilieri. Why i'm so proud of that?
Of course Paolo Bacilieri is far from what I usually like to publish (dark weird fantasy), but I asked him sometime ago about this collaboration because I will always linked at this amazing artist. If now we can read the Hollow Press books it's even thanks to artists like Paolo Bacilieri, the undeground artists that burned up my black underground passion when I was only 17 years old.
Ah, there is another thing, I don't want say that this last comic by Bacilieri is a masterpiece, only other people can say that, but of course I can say you that's a black pearl, so melancholically disturbing...

I have published this short novel in a double edition, italian language for the great amount of Bacilieri fans here, and english because, trust in me, this is the chance to discover an italian underground cult artist for you that live worldwide.

I give you some idea:



this is a preorder, 'cos the book will be presented at TCBF of Trevisoand the whole comic will be exhibited at Papermedia gallery! The link of the event HERE

Don't miss the official Hollow Press stand there, festival is 24 and 25 of September!

- the book as always will be an high quality printing: 56 pages on 170g paper, A5 format, black and white + a "Flesh Ink" pantone, everything in off-set print, full color cover, soft spine with hard cover on front and back + stitched binding.

Obviously to thanks all souls that will support this preorder I have drawn up a funny trick... All guys that will preorder the book will get it with 15% off and an exclusive 38mm pin, the PALLA's pin, maybe one of the weirdest character ever, and this is the only way to get it, here how the book looks like:


* book will be shipped within 10 October.

also, as always we have available for preorder a bunch (probably the best) of artworks from the book, same discount here, 15% off. they are just a bunch and Paolo Bacilieri artworks are always in great demand, so hurry up!

you can buy them at this LINK!


so after a while we have the SPREAD COLLECTORS EVENT #3 !!!
this is the time of Shintaro Kago! We have 5 artworks at 50% off!!!For only the next two days, in next monday morning everything ends up, so hurry up! Here I show the selected artworks of the offer:

here the LINK where to buy.

--- Important news, Tetsupendium Tawarapedia is sold out, by now first edition is for collector, congratulation if you have your copy! Anyway we will print the second edition in early october, but without the embossed on the cover and all in laser printing, not off-set with an overcharged price of 19€.

--- another important news about the shipping methods and costs,
In last months something is changed in Hollow Press way to ship, we have:
- acquired a new contract with the DHL courier, a bit expansive but really safe and fast, it reaches all the countries of the World in only 2-3 days usually, so it's perfect for big orders or for order containing original artworks, for exemple, unto 3 kg of weight (a lot!) it's only 19€ worldwide. You can see the new option during the checkout.
- we have updated the shipping info in the "Transactions Policy" button HERE.
- finally we chose to improve the shipping packeging quality, seldom happened that something went delivered with some damage, but by now everything is shipped in hard carboard bag and boxes and all the shippings have the Hollow Press tape, so for any problem you can accept the package letting the post-man to sign "delivered with subject to control".
Here how the packages looks like:

it's everything for now, more soon with many great news!

Preorder almost over! April 09 2016

Preorder almost over!

Yeah my souls, preorder will go on only for another couple of days, this saturday and this sunday. After all will be over! So hurry up to get the books with 15% off and the original artworks discounted.

You can buy them in the following links:

FOBO (new Gabriel Delmas comic + original artworks) HERE

CRYSTAL BONE DRIVE (new Tetsunori Tawaraya comic + original artworks) HERE

* all the ordered copies will be shipped after 15 of April, really soon! Books are already in printing!

* here some of the amazing sold pages from these books:



I talked about the new book with Shintaro Kago, TRACT
It will debut in TCAF of TORONTO (CANADA) with our stand, conference and exhibition there.
here the cover and some of the amazing internal pages


finally, here I will show you the first bunch of reviews for "The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder" - 1st seal by ARALLU

we are really glad that critics are enjoying our new main serie,
we have 3 ITALIAN review:

- Lo spazio bianco REVIEW
- 4C Comic REVIEW
- Justindiecomics REVIEW

and one in ENGLISH (USA):

- Famousmonster REVIEW

that's all at the moment!
more soon with many other news!