Last Preorders Finally Shipped! December 15 2020

yesterday we shipped all last preorders and orders

hey souls,
thank you very much for your patience,
this shipping was insane and we can assure you all we did our best to send everything asap,
we shipped everything yesterday,
and we also communicated that through our socials with this post where you can see the estimation time for delivery:

in these days we also uploaded video previews of the new books, click on the covers with the youtube link to give a look if you want:


that's all for now,
now we need to work on Shintaro Kago reprints,
everything is sold out for months, 
and we have some surprise for you!

more soon!

Hollow Press New Books, October 2020 December 15 2020

Daisuke Ichiba
Al Columbia
David Genchi

hello souls,
I'm here to announce that we launched a quick preorder for some very cool book.
First of all I hope you all are fine with the virus situation.
Here everything is fine and we are starting with regular publishings again.

Before to talk about the new releases I want say something very important for me: obviously we miss you a lot, for this 2020 we can't meet in any exhibition or festival, this is why I chose to make a very very very special offer for this preorder,
for EVERYONE that will spend at least 50€ in next order including at least one of the following products in preorder,
I will give you FOR FREE the official Hollow Press t-shirt,
I have always wanted to produce this t-shirt but I was just waiting the right chance, and right now, where the distance is so long as never before, this is the best moment.
(this t-shirt will be NOT for sale in the store!)
It is a wonderful 100% cotton black t-shirt with double white silkscreen (front and back).
So, when you place the order, just put in the order note the word "size" specifying if S,M,L or XL.

This offer is exclusive of the newsletter and socials announcements, so if it is not specified in the order note and if the requirements will be not respected no t-shirt will be sent, so please be precise.
This special offer is very limited and will end in 5 of November with no chance of extension.

so, giving a look at the picture above you can see that we have four new releases.

all these items are in preorder and will be shipped within 15 of November, as always you will get a notification shipping with a tracking code only if you choose and pay for a courier shipping, so please if you choose and pay for a standard and slow shipping just be patient, you know that the book will arrive.

Fingerless by Spugna

the so waited new long comic by Spugna, this time textless, of course the most introspective comic by Spugna! 184 pages in full color with an embossed effect on the eyes of the guy.
We are really proud of the carrier Spugna is taking on, probably you know that yet, but lately he made several important things, like a cover for the Panini/Marvel Carnage character and in the near future will be published a solo comic book about Dylan Dog for the Bonelli, the biggest publishing house here in Italy.
So don't miss this incredible new book, you can buy it
and you can buy one of the amazing and disturbing original artworks HERE
*important note, all copies ordered within 5 of November will be sketched and dedicated by the author (like in a festival!), please just consider that the name in the sketch will be the name of your shipping address during the order, if you prefer a different name or to have a pristine copy without any sketch just give us instructions in the order note.

The Life of Namazuko by Daisuke Ichiba:

this is the first of five old mangas Daisuke Ichiba made several years ago, they are all unpublished, just self-published by the author many years ago.
And we started from this one, there will be one for each year.
The Life of Namazuko is a 136 pages long manga, it's something I never read before, it's an incredible contrast between a very sad story and a very funny and grotesque story, never seen anything so in contrast like this, it's incredible how you want sometime cry and sometime laugh out loud.
Published in two different size, the cheap and small one, a classic manga size with dust jacket for only 15€ and a big hard cover for 35€.
The book is available in three languages, english, italian and japanese.
I personally want thanks my collaborators: the graphic designer Marco Cirillo Pedri who dedicates soul and body at this hardcore publishings with restorations, fixing and lettering. And to the two translators to have made an impossible translation struggling with words that don't exist at all and a lot of japanese slang.
It's a shame we don't have real pictures yet, since all the demons in the front and in the back are printed in a
BLACK UV silkscreen for a true unique effect.
You can buy the regular size HERE
and the HC version HERE
Daisuke Ichiba doesn't sell his comic original artworks, anyway we still have something in the store from the Hospital Train comic he made for us, give a look if you want.

the Biologic Show by Al Columbia:

Finally, after 30 years of waiting we have a collection of the masterpiece the Biologic Show by Al Columbia,
this collection will include:
the biologic show #0
the biologic show #1
unpublished pages by 23 Skidoo

the short Johhny 23 from the old Taboo magazine
for a high quality Hard Cover book,
with an embossed effect on the frame of the cover art.
The comics are exactly as the original versions, the inside cover are solid black as requested by the author and we put our hard work to make this book incredible with scans high quality restoration and a difficult lettering adaptation for the italian version.
You will not trust at your eyes looking at it in your hands.
Available HERE

Castrovalva by David Genchi:

talking about the genesis of this weird comic: David Genchi with his brother William Genchi worked for all the first half of this year at an ambitious project, a comic game to present in Lucca Comics 2020 in the game section, unfortunately, as you know all the festivals skipped for this year and we chose to postpone that big project to 2021, so I asked to Genchi to draw a short and large comic with NO rules.
And this is what came from, a crazy short comic of only 8 pages with a lot of fun and density.
It's a sort of biographical trip in the unconscious of the creativity of the artist, it's produced and sold like a newspaper and it's just 4€.
I want to admit that if this experiment will be a success of course I want purpose it again to other hollow artists. And obviously, as often happens, David Genchi is the opener for a such experimental project.
You can buy it HERE
and don't forget that we have all the original artworks of the book for sale HERE

nb: we also have reprinted the so waited La Gameti in italian version, it's exactly as the first edition, but soft cover and not hard cover anymore, since a lot of you wrote and asked us for a reprint, you can buy it HERE

That's all for now,
I hope I can make your winter weirder with these new books,
see you soon in December for a lot of Shintaro Kago news about new releases and reprints (since everything of the artist is sold out!!!)

Hollow Press News, Mat Brinkman, Al Columbia, David Genchi December 15 2020

preorder, new releases -15% off

Hello souls,
I really hope that you all are fine with the virus situation and that everything is getting normal again like here in Italy (at least slowly).
After this tricky period we start again with the publishings, luckily our shippings system never stopped going crazy just for a couple of weeks in March, but as everyone knows a press depends by several things, tipography, festivals etc.
I really want thanks all of you for your support and orders received in the past months of virus, you really made us feel as in a normal situation, keeping our mind busy at the work shipping orders and projecting our usual weird stuff.

Now things look going normal again and we choose to launch some of our projects we worked on hard in last months.
All products are in printing and in preorder, they will be shipped within 10 of July, but probably sooner.
Everything is ready in our store and with 15% off as for all our preorders, so let's start presenting the new stuff.

about Mat Brinkman stuff:
I'm so proud to announce "Multiforce Shit", this short small squared book is only 36 pages + cover, but I swear it was one of the most difficult books I never worked on.
Alex Schubert scanned all Mat Brinkman drawings, sketches and ads from Paper Rodeo zine, outside the main comic Multiforce pages. Marco Cirillo Pedri (Hollow Press graphic designer) went crazy working on it...
they were scans taken direct from newspaper style zines! Anyway we restored them all and lost tons of time to arrange everything in the best way, arrangement was shown to Mat Brinkman too, so you can be sure that even the artist is absolutely satisfied by the final result, an huge mess of genial things and really funny sketches!
(something you should really never miss if fan of the cult comic Multiforce!)

To read more about the details of this publishing visit our store, to buy just click at this

we also thought this was the perfect moment to launch something we were working for a long time, the fucking impossible to print Skeleton Jelly resin figure!
But now it's real, at this
to order.

something we needed to do, this is THE cult,
"I'm a skeleton Jelly..."
one of the most famous sequence in the  underground comic world.
The pictures you see in the store are just the test press, so consider they will be shipped with the usual special plexiglas black box, in laser printing.
Obviously much smaller than the other figure we produced (Battle Max Ace, you can find last copies HERE), this mostly because the artist asked us to keep the "real" proportion among the characters!
And this allowed us to keep the price very low, only 35€, and in preorder only 29.75€!!!
So if you love Multiforce could be cool to collect these resin characters, since these will not be the last ones, who knows what will happen in future, resin figure of bass cannon? the giant?
Anyway these run will never be reprinted, so hurry up!

and last Mat Brinkman thing: working on the Multiforce Shit book we were impressed by the power of a small drawing (just 3 cm tall), I imagined it as a giant size print hanged to my wall, in a creepy and psychedelic vibe. The graphic made the vector file, and we are able to print it
in GIANT size! 90 x 60 cm!
silkscreened by my friend Enrico from Strane Edizioni
(he is the main silkscreener of many great artists like Jesse Jacobs, Igor Hofbauer etc)
Silkscreened in black and fluo violet on Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl 210g paper.
Very Limited, unique run of only 33 copies!

signed by the artist
Available HERE!!!

about Al Columbia stuff:
as announced in socials we started to collaborate with another legendary underground artist, the great Al Columbia, we will publish a re-edition of his masterpiece "The Biologic Show" with some extra content.
But me and Al are feeling in a true tuning, and he is working on a new comic book just for us, his first comic after about 20 years of illustrations, you can imagine how I am excited about that, it's called "Cheapy the Guinea Pig".
So we asked to Al to make a special promotional drawing for this future project, I thought was a great idea to present him to some Hollow fan that still is anew to his art.
I thought at something of affordable, to be spread as much as possible, like a movie poster, 43 x 43 cm, offset printing, signed by Al in the back, for sale for just 27€, 23€ during the preorder!)

(the usual genius, note the labial by Cheapy...)
You can buy it 

about David Genchi:
thanks to the idea of a couple of friends of mine
Angelo Ascani and Matteo Contin, that asked to David Genchi to draw and describe his favorite twelve cadavers, this miniartbook takes form, "12 Cadaveri".
There's not much more to say about, just watch and read it!
We also thought according to the artist, since there are no festivals in this period and consequently no direct contact with authors, we thought to sell and ship each of them with a special sketch inside drawn by the artist,
yes, it will arrive to you'l sketched!
We felt this like a chance to feel more in touch in this virus situation.
The book is in italian language only, very limited,
only 100 copies, but within a week we will load in the item description an english version to read!

buy it HERE!
I want also notice you that all original artworks from this book are for sale in our store, some of them are really incredible, just look at this crazy couple, GG Allin and Zanardi (legendary italian comic artist Andrea Pazienza)

you can find the original artworks HERE!

last thing I want say, since many customers asked about that,
I'm able to announce that several out of print books are available again in our store, now you have the chance to grab one of these missed books!
(link to buy)
DIMENSIONAL FLATS (2°ED.) (link to buy)

that's all my souls,
stay safe
but never stop to loose yourself in the weird

Hollow Press Shipping Update March 2020 December 15 2020

hey souls,
just to update you about all the shippings:

- yesterday we shipped all black virus gift package to Italian customers, plus several italian orders processed through courier shipping:

* we missed to ship only a small bunch of them, because impossible to delivery in some of the italian cities, anyway everybody involved in this delay was noticed by a personal email yesterday, and we will ship those packages as soon as the situation will start to become normal.

- today we will ship all the worldwide order processed through courier, DHL said us it can grants a good service still. So you will get a notification email of the shipping within this night I suppose.

- tomorrow we will ship all ordinary shippings (as ordered by you) in Italy and worldwide, please consider that these orders could suffer a delay for the virus situation, anyway postal system assured me that it's operative and that it can just be afflicted by some delay.

***very important,
we are absolutely operative with our store to get orders, but we chose to schedule next shippings for Italy and worldwide for next 15 of April. Not before, so please if you order by us, be patient!

stay safe
stay strong
more soon

GIFT BLACK PACKAGE For All Italian Customers In Quarantine December 15 2020

hey souls, 
I thought hard at it, 
and finally I chose to do it,
I want help all italian people I can,
all those people that are respecting the "rules" to let this stupid virus disappear,
struggling with the boredom of the quarantine.
(it seems Italy is the only country to do this at the moment)

So we are offering

THIS for FREE!!!

please read carefully the item description and instructions

stay strong and patient!

PS: for all worldwide customers:
several of you wrote me worried about the situation in Italy, 
here everything is fine, we are just trying to stay closed at home as far as possible,
many people are in forced vacation from work,
but since we work in a private office WE are 100% operative,
and obviously postal and shipping system are almost perfectly working to don't give a brutal stop to the economy of the World.
I'm sure this stupid situation will end soon thanks to our common sense.

The Princess Of The Never-Ending Castle By Shintaro Kago, Real Pictures And Shipping Update! December 15 2020

Hey souls, 
we are sending this newsletter just to let you know that everything is shipped finally!
It was one of the hardest shipping time ever, that you all for your support and patience, I really appreciate that, you always must be sure that we always give our best hard working, and we are really apologized for the waiting.

anyway here a full updated list of all the shippings timeline, please just check it to understand estimation date for delivery etc, we really have trouble to reply personally to you all request of info, so please contact us only if you don't get your book within the estimated elivery timing line.
Thank you very much!

- 20-21 January
we shipped all Lucca Comics 2020 preorders
status: delivered

- 23-24 January
we shipped all store preorders for the bundle jap+eng version
status: delivered

- 27-31 January
we shipped all orders of customers that selected courier shipping, expansive, but fast and safe.
status: delivered. Anyway most recent orders are on their way and you should have received your tracking number.

- 3-4 February and 10-11 February
we shipped all orders to the customers that ordered it with ordinary shipping, we gave priority to the worldwide shipping because they are obviously slower compared to the national ones.
As you know these are standard and cheap shippings, they absolutely have NO track code (don't ask for it), usually arrive within 10-30 days from the shipping date.
But sometime get delayed and can get 30-45 days to arrive,
it's very rare they go lost by the postal system, considering our long experience: 1-2 packages on 100 get lost, no more.
so please just be patient and no rush, if you have rush please order selecting and pay for the courier shipping next time, that's expansive but fast and safe.
Anyway you should get it within end of February or at the very limit within middle March,
if you don't get it contact us through our contact form and we will try to find the package or any other solution, please try to NOT contact us before, we can do NOTHING before!


so, after the shipping update I want talk to all other people that didn't ordered the book yet,

this book will be always available and reprinted, but NOT in this prestigious Hard Cover version again, this is exclusive of the first edition and first buyers, after that will become of course an item for collectors...

the reprints will be always Soft Cover!

I just want let you know that we put out a total run of 1650 copies as you know, and in the first month of sales we sold more than one thousand of copies, so if you want be sure to get a copy of the first edition hurry up to order one!


we also finally updated the store page with real pictures and a VIDEO PREVIEW, here a screen:


I also want notice you that we sold more than one hundred original artworks from this book, and I don't think they will last for a lot of time, I suggest you to give a look HERE!

infinte black thanks to you all!

The Princess Of The Never-Ending Castle By Shintaro Kago Is OUT! December 15 2020

hey Souls,
sorry if I was less responsive in the latest days, but we moved our company to another city, in a bigger place! We are sure we can improve our efficeincy in future, being more responsive and quick in shipping.

Anyway this newsletter is dediacted to one of our most important published book,

The Princess of the Never-ending Castle

HERE the LINK to BUY!!!

this is of course Kago's masterpiece, best book of his career. Me, Marco the graphic, translators:
Paolo La Marca, a japanese literature professor for the italian version and
the great underground artist Tetsunori Tawaraya for the english version, have read tons of time it, and it's incredible, on every reading there is something hidden coming up to the eyes from a so stratified story and drawing immagination.
Kago said it is his best comic ever too!

We have everything here, a sort of "inception" tale (the movie) with crazy virtuosity in panel building, sex, splatter, terrible deaths, physics, historic characters, deformed ronins with the faces of the "seven samurai" actors of the legendary movie and a lot of other things.

anyway just buy, steal, borrow it and read it, enjoy!

As announced all the original artworks are for sale too, buy your favorite one soon, I really think they will sell fast, they are so beautiful in live, on a white natural paper, A3 size, large size! 42 x30 cm each!
Here some example:


*sorry if we don't have real photos of the book yet, it will be delivered to us within next week (though we have seen it printed yet and it's amazing!), and shippings will start from 20 of January, obviously we will give priority to all customers that preordered it during last Lucca Comics 2019 and during the last launch in the store of the preview bundle.
I really thank you all for your patience, this book was scheduled for middle December, but during our work on it we chose to take more time, revisions of translation and graphic seemed never enough, but now we are sure we will have a perfect book or of course almost perfect (if perfection doesn't exist).

You will get an almost 2kg of weight book, thick 3 cm! Hard Cover, 192 pages, all off-set, UV spot on the cover, stitched binding and all printed on an amazing Fedrigoni paper that will give a look to the book similar to old japanese tomes, the Arena Natural Bulk paper by 160g!
Always the best for you!

more soon souls, 

The Princess Of The Never-Ending Castle - Preorder - Shipping Delay December 15 2020

hey souls,
we are so sorry to announce that we made our best to have last Kago's book ready and printed for Christmas,
but there is so much work to do on it and we chose to take some more day of work to be sure that every detail will be perfect,
so all the shippings for the preorder on the store and from Lucca Comics will be not shipped in 15 of December as announced but in 10 of Jenuary,
anyway I really want assure you that this book will be the masterpiece ever by Shintaro Kago,
we are translating a crazy, epic and detailed story in two languages: english and italian,
the japanese literature professor Paolo La Marca for the italian version
and the great underground artist Tetsunori Tawaraya for the english version!
we are taking care of every micro-detail of the book graphically and to be sure of an amazing printing,
so I just ask you'l to decide to hate us for the delay only after having had this huge book in the hands,
because I never say the word "masterpiece", just in very rare case, and this is absolutely his masterpiece, I have no doubts,
this incredible book is near! Thank you very much for your patience,
and if you are annoyed for the waiting please accept our excuse and a refund if you changed mind on the order.

*For everyone that missed the preorder with the special signed sketchbook,
you obviously will be still able to order the book (with no special sketchbook) as soon as we put it out in the store, 
precisely in 2-3 of Jenuary, along with the availability of all the incredible original artworks for sale,
so be sure to be subscribed at our newsletter to keep you posted!

in the while enjoy the super raw cover!

sorry again,
anyway soon!

back from LC&G 2019 December 15 2020

hey souls,
here we are, back from Lucca Comics & Games,
as always a crazy festival, the hell, but a so intensive experience, we are so glad of all people visited our table, we got a new record on sales!!!

we again can't believe that Mat Brinkman won one of the most prestigious comic award in the World, a Gran Guinigi for his two masterpieces Multiforce and Teratoid Heights, and he got the award in his way!

and we want say bye to to all visitors and supporters with this collective picture
(only Jesse Jacobs missing, he left before, but he is present in the spirit!)

anyway, before to start presenting the new books, I want you notice about a couple of important updates:
- if you ordered from our store in the last two weeks, everything will be shipped this Friday, sorry for the waiting, it was impossible for us to ship before, by the way, if you you want add anything to your order to save shipping cost just let us know through our contact form.
- if you wrote us an email, please just consider that we will reply to everyone within tomorrow, it's a ton of mails but I promise to reply to everyone, thank you for your patience!


let's start with the new books:

- we finally have the new incredible book by Jesse Jacobs,
it's Baby in the Boneyard!
It's a story with an high sensitivity about a baby grown up by weird creatures from a psychedelic creepy world.

and I really want let you know how this printing was crazy:
it is printed in green pantone above a double offset spot UV white print, to get the green on this amazing "browny" paper called Fedrigoni Woodstock Camoscio, and finally offset black ink. A lot of graphic and printer job here!

* you can buy the book HERE!
** watch a video preview HERE!
*** and you can buy all the amazing original artworks by Jesse Jacobs HERE!
(hurry up because I think they will sell very fast!)
**** we have a giant and cool limited silkscreen too! Find it HERE!

- we have the new Danilo Manzi book, STORTO, he worked on it for more than one year, for a cool 192 pages book, this is definitively an Epic Fantasy Body Horror.
It is printed in two versions, Italian and English.

* buy the book HERE!
* watch a video preview HERE!

- I'm glad to announce that Mat Brinkman made a new short comic!
"Linchetto", a Tribute to a folkloric creature of Lucca tradition!
it's a "leporello" book by 8 pages total, size 35 x 25 cm, 35 x 100 cm when full open! GIANT!

* you can buy the book HERE!
(also don't miss to buy his two masterpieces if you didn't that yet: Multiforce and Teratoid Heights)
* and you can buy one of the amazing original artworks HERE!
(if you are wondering what is that brown stain on the right side of page #1, yeah, it's Brinkman's cat shit!)

- we also have a couple of small previews, they look like mini-artbook of studies, and both are books that will be released in fall 2020, they are Fingerless by Spugna, is new long book after Rust Kingdom and Crawlin' by LaurenceEngraver that will be a 144 pages comic made entirely with the scratchboard technique!

they are both, very limited prints, 250 copies for Fingerless preview and 50 copies for Corpse preview, if you consider that we sold a great part of the run during LC&G hurry up if you want your own copy!
* you can buy Fingerless preview HERE and Corpse HERE

- last thing, we have great news about Shintaro Kago, we are killing you'l with impressive preview pictures in social and now we are almost ready! I'm talking about the immense:
"the Princess of the Never-ending Castle - preorder"
this is a very limited preorder of the upcoming new book by Shintaro Kago,
the Princess of the Never-ending Castle , it's an announced incredible book by the master of ero-guro,
It's the first time Kago wrote and drawn an unique long epic story of 192 pages in an HARD-COVER edition (A4 format), unlike all his previous collections of short stories.
In this book you will find all the incredible features by the master: ero-guro, splatter, virtuosity in panels creation, handmade patterns for background, all epic and all drawn in A3 size! (first time for a Kago's comic).
This preorder include a limited free short studies book to just 150 copies,
each copy was SIGNED by Shintaro Kago in LC&G 2019,
100 copies were for sale during the festival, and came sold out within 3 days of 5, and the remaining 50 copies were kept as exclusive of the Hollow Press store, so if you want one of these special preview copies hurry up, I really don't think they will last for more than a couple of days.

you can buy this special collector BUNDLE HERE!!!
This special preorder include:
1- a copy of the official book in English or Italian (please select the language in the item options), retail price = 30€
2- a copy of the official book in Japanese language (for collectors), retail price = 30€
3- and one of the 50 copies left of this short preview studies book.
(16 pages + cover, b-w, stapled binding, A4 format), retail price = FREE!
*the official date of release is 15 of December 2019, so the item will not be shipped before this date. It's a preorder!

and we also reprinted limited run of his oldest books:
Industrial Revolution and World War (seventh edition) HERE!
and Tract pocket edition HERE!

that's all my souls

Hollow Press as the best Italian publisher of 2019! October 09 2019

hey souls,
we are back from TCBF
Treviso Comic Book Festival
it was a great event
we where nominated as:
- best italian book "Come un Insetto"
- best international artist "Tetsunori Tawaraya"
- best emerging artist "David Genchi"

and also:
- best italian publisher 2019

and we won this last award, 
I'm so proud of that, we have no classic distribution and a very weird way to move and work, so it's pretty incredible that major festivals cant avoid what Hollow Press is doing in alternative comics world, or at least that is what seems!

also, I'm so glad to have met two japanese great underground artists like Tetsunori Tawaraya (for the third time) and Daisuke Ichiba (for the first time!)
they are incredible... so glad that they feel the Hollow Press crew as a big family!

furthermore, Lucca Comics and Games,
one of the greatest and most prestigious comic festival in the World, announced Mat Brinkman winning the prestigious Gran Guinigi award as "special award from jury"

So glad for that, Mat Brinkman deserves it, for what he did for underground comics world, and too few people know how much he is important, this is a new step to show to everyone that!


Here some picture about the cool exhibition
"true underground manga"
in DUMP in Treviso:
- Tetsunori Tawaraya

- Daisuke Ichiba

- David Genchi


and last thing: we finally updated the store uploading real pictures of the books, we are so proud of like they come out!




and as always, we also uploaded video previews of the books:

Assassin Child video preview
Hospital Train video preview
La Gameti video preview

more soon souls, for other super cool news!
Stay tuned!


PS: all the shippings was sent this monday, as expected by item description, it was a preorder, expected to be shipped for early October.
If you chose a courier shipping it will arrive within a few days, if you chose an ordinary shipping it will get about 15-30 days to be delivered.

Instead, for all the customers ordered original artworks, they are exhibited in TCBF, at DUMP pub till 13 of October, I will get them back just after, and they will be shipped within 17-18 of October, so, thank you for your patience and support!