hey souls,
here the preorder for the upcoming books that will be presented at TCBF 2019, in the end of September, everything you will order now like books or original artworks as well will be shipped in early October, so precisely within 3 weeks.

*important disclaimer for ITALIAN CUSTOMERS
if you want order the preorder stuff and pick up them personally at this TCBF, you just need to put in the order note = "TCBF"
at the festival we will refund the shipping you payed, so just need to select the "piego di libri" shipping option by 2€ and we will give back you the 2€ straight at the festival. But it's extremely important you specify this code word "TCBF" in the order note, otherwise we will not bring there your limited preorder stuff.

these three great artists will be special Hollow Press guest at this TCBF festival:
(Treviso Comic Book Festival)
if you want meet in live Tawaraya, Ichiba, or Genchi just reserve your flight or train, they will be there available to sign your books and sell extra stuff exclusively for the festival. 
Furthermore, for this special invitation the TCBF organization is managing a cool small exhibition for them all,
So, if you can, don't miss to visit us in Treviso this 29-30th of September.

anyway, said that, here I'm announcing the beginning of the preorder on the store, the preorder consists as usual in some extra limited and collectible stuff for FREE!
It will end up as soon as we go out of stock of these limited runs or till the end of the month.
If you are interested in it remember to order fast, for instance, last time with Kap Trap by Mat Brinkman it went active only for the first 4-5 days..

Below all the three new publishings available for preorder:

ASSASSIN CHILD by Tetsunori Tawaraya


this is an incredible book, its size is double compared to other books by the artist.
Large book by 24x34cm with incredible detailed art inside!
Tetsunori continues to expand his amazing world, and this time we have something linked to his first scratchboard book Crystal Bone Drive.
Always printed through the prestigious off-set silver ink on the special Black PLIKE paper.

the special FREE item for this preorder,
limited at only 100 pieces!
It's the amazing Assassin Child magnet/pin OPENER!

also available a bunch of original scratchboard, Tetsunori is going always more famous and influential in underground world, we are so proud of him, and we are honored to still sell with success his original comic artworks, selling out them fast at every release, here just a page as example:


U.D.W.F.G. presents: Daisuke Ichiba - Hspital Train


finally we have another guest for our U.D.W.F.G. presents series, the great Daisuke Ichiba, he is really famous in illustration ero guro world, and this is his first "true" comic! He made some very short comic in past but this is the first long one.
Ichiba is a master in activity since late 90', illustrated tons of books for le Dernier Cri in Fance and exhibited his art in several countries in the World.
This book is incredible, Ichiba art is an explosive mix between elegance and grotesque with vibe way to tell very near to the dreamlike style of a David Lynch.
We are printing it in three languages! EnglishItalian and Japanese, all in off-set and HARDCOVER.

And for this preorder too, we have a special FREE item limited at only 150 copies, a limited A4 print as "variant cover" signed by the artist, this one:

Also available in our store all the original artworks from the book, ink on paper with various techniques, here an example:


La GAMETI by David Genchi


David Genchi and his first long book. David Genchi is letting every critic spending good words about his extreme underground art,
getting nominated in 2018 two times! At TCBF and at Napoli Comicon, and now is nominated again for TCBF 2019 as best artist!
This book is introduced by the great underground artist
Miguel Angel Martin.
It speaks of love, but to find what we usually think about love here inside is a very hard work, because it's immerse in dreamlike decadence, rotten creatures, mythology, blasphemy etc. Don't miss this incredible reading if you like weird stuff, even because it is completely translated and printed in an english version too.
It is a 128 pages long bookHARDCOVER.

The special FREE item for this preorder is a limited to 100 copies poster, bent over itself like in the best 80' culture, signed and put inside the book. The art of the poster is the full cover, this one!

The artist chose to not sell the internal pages of the comic, but we finally chose to put for sale some extra as: the cover, the opening double page and the closing double page. An example:


end of newsletter. 
Thanks for your support, I hope you are enjoying all the weird and high quality stuff we are putting out. Hope we are leaving an important mark in the fucking underground world!
Go on to follow us, our news and surprises never end, working to make them indefinite and infinite like the void!

see you soon!