U.D.W.F.G. Presents: Paolo Bacilieri - PALLA September 17 2016

hey souls, finally everything is almost ready with this new U.D.W.F.G. special, this year the guest star is Paolo Bacilieri. Why i'm so proud of that?
Of course Paolo Bacilieri is far from what I usually like to publish (dark weird fantasy), but I asked him sometime ago about this collaboration because I will always linked at this amazing artist. If now we can read the Hollow Press books it's even thanks to artists like Paolo Bacilieri, the undeground artists that burned up my black underground passion when I was only 17 years old.
Ah, there is another thing, I don't want say that this last comic by Bacilieri is a masterpiece, only other people can say that, but of course I can say you that's a black pearl, so melancholically disturbing...

I have published this short novel in a double edition, italian language for the great amount of Bacilieri fans here, and english because, trust in me, this is the chance to discover an italian underground cult artist for you that live worldwide.

I give you some idea:



this is a preorder, 'cos the book will be presented at TCBF of Trevisoand the whole comic will be exhibited at Papermedia gallery! The link of the event HERE

Don't miss the official Hollow Press stand there, festival is 24 and 25 of September!

- the book as always will be an high quality printing: 56 pages on 170g paper, A5 format, black and white + a "Flesh Ink" pantone, everything in off-set print, full color cover, soft spine with hard cover on front and back + stitched binding.

Obviously to thanks all souls that will support this preorder I have drawn up a funny trick... All guys that will preorder the book will get it with 15% off and an exclusive 38mm pin, the PALLA's pin, maybe one of the weirdest character ever, and this is the only way to get it, here how the book looks like:


* book will be shipped within 10 October.

also, as always we have available for preorder a bunch (probably the best) of artworks from the book, same discount here, 15% off. they are just a bunch and Paolo Bacilieri artworks are always in great demand, so hurry up!

you can buy them at this LINK!


so after a while we have the SPREAD COLLECTORS EVENT #3 !!!
this is the time of Shintaro Kago! We have 5 artworks at 50% off!!!For only the next two days, in next monday morning everything ends up, so hurry up! Here I show the selected artworks of the offer:

here the LINK where to buy.

--- Important news, Tetsupendium Tawarapedia is sold out, by now first edition is for collector, congratulation if you have your copy! Anyway we will print the second edition in early october, but without the embossed on the cover and all in laser printing, not off-set with an overcharged price of 19€.

--- another important news about the shipping methods and costs,
In last months something is changed in Hollow Press way to ship, we have:
- acquired a new contract with the DHL courier, a bit expansive but really safe and fast, it reaches all the countries of the World in only 2-3 days usually, so it's perfect for big orders or for order containing original artworks, for exemple, unto 3 kg of weight (a lot!) it's only 19€ worldwide. You can see the new option during the checkout.
- we have updated the shipping info in the "Transactions Policy" button HERE.
- finally we chose to improve the shipping packeging quality, seldom happened that something went delivered with some damage, but by now everything is shipped in hard carboard bag and boxes and all the shippings have the Hollow Press tape, so for any problem you can accept the package letting the post-man to sign "delivered with subject to control".
Here how the packages looks like:

it's everything for now, more soon with many great news!