the Biologic Show


the Biologic Show 
by Al Columbia

* this product is available in english and italian, please select the language during the order.

After almost 30 years!
a collection of the Biologic Show by Al Columbia,
in a high quality hard cover edition.

this re-edition will collect:
- the biologic show #0
- the biologic show #1
- unpublished pages from Skidoo23
- the short Johnny 23 from the old Taboo Zine

off-set print in b-w
20x26 cm, printed on 140g Magno paper
84 pages
Hard Cover with dembossed effect
stitched paperback binding

exactly as the originals, with a full and professional restoration of the scans, inside cover in solid black, and font reconstruction for the italian version.

Artwork: Al Columbia
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Marco Cirillo Pedri
Italian translation: Valerio Stivè



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