the Twelve Sisters of the Never-ending Castle - JAP collector pack

the Twelve Sisters of the Never-ending Castle - JAP collector pack

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the Twelve Sisters of the Never-ending Castle

Buying this pack you will get two copies of the book for their retail price:

1 x in japanese
1 x in english

(please if you prefer to replace the english copy with an italian copy, just specify that in the order note)

furthermore the package will include: 
!!! FOR FREE !!!
a random original artwork, one of the size A5 artworks drawn as title page opening chapters, see photo below attached

Unique long epic story of 84 pages in an HARD COVER edition (A4 format), unlike almost all his books that as you know are collections of short stories.
In this book you will find all the incredible features by the master:
splatter, virtuosity in panels creation, grotesque sex, rearranged historic elements, handmade patterns for backgrounds, all epic and all drawn in A3 size!

limited edition of:
1000 copies (english version)
500 copies (italian version)
100 copies (japanese version)

Hard Cover, 84 pages, stitched binding,
black and white offset print + full-color cover,
UV spot on the cover,
A4 format and almost 2 cm of pure thickness,
printed on the prestigious Fedrigoni paper:
Arena Natural Bulk

Artwork: Shintaro Kago
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Marco Cirillo Pedri
English translation: Iain Halliday
Italian Translation: Paolo La Marca

and you can buy original artworks from this book HERE!

** this book is fragile and expansive, since it's an high quality hard cover book.
Please, if you don't want risk any damage or lost, be sure to select the courier shipping during the order (trackable/fast/safe).
We are absolutely NOT responsible for any postal damage or delay IF you choose and pay for the ordinary shipping.

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