The Hollow Crew - BIOGRAPHY

Mat Brinkman aka Fork Imp & Friend

(b. 1973, TX) Brinkman lives and works in Colorado.

In 1995 he co-founded the famed Fort Thunder and Paper Rodeo zine, that was active until 2001. Is an artist and
electronic musician under the name Synb.

His comics masterpieces are: Teratoid Heights was published by Highwater Books, Multiforce by Picturebox and Craptime.
Furthermore he is author of boardgames Cave Evil and Psycho Riders.

Brinkman’s prolific output of posters, drawings, comics, music and films continue to be highly influential, exposing in many countries around the World, mainly in Loyal Gallery (Sweden)

Miguel Angel Martin aka DezXplorer

Born in Leon (Spain) 1960.Cartoon designer and writer.

Mainly active in making comics, he cooperates for the film "Snuff 2000" and other; the play "Kyrie, New european";

merchandise for the company CHA-CHA; calendar and dildo for italian online company YOOX and several

poster/covers for many cds, films and books.

At the moment he has almost 20 published comic books, and has collected very prestigious awards in Europe.

"TIME" called it "the best designer of European comics".

Tetsunori Tawaraya aka Mr. Rotten Donuts

Started drawing portraits of people and musicians in San Diego in 1999, and accomplished 800 portraits until 2002.

He was enthusiastic about making flyer designs for experimental/rock/noise bands in San Diego simultaneously.

Comic book project started in 2002 with selfpublishing of handmade books. His comic characters had been created in the

format of stuffed animal as a collaboration work with Tomoko Tawaraya since 2006.

He can count several serial and non-serial contributions for zines around the World, mainly in Japan and France.

And as an enthusiast musician, he loves to take care of his bands.

Ratigher aka Lowest Note Keeper

In 1999 he founded Donna Bavosa self-publishing, which will print comics and punk-hc records.

His recent books are TRAMA (published in Italy by GRRRzetic, in France by Atrabile, in Argentina by Dead Pop)

and the short stories anthology Tuta Teschio (the Milan Review). Have a monthly series on Vice Italy, entitled

Intanto Altrove. Works even as illustrator for many mainstream italian magazine. He's part of the Fratelli del Cielo collective.

Live in Vasto, Italy.

Paolo Massagli aka Scar The Weaver

Is an Italian comic book artist and illustrator. He began his career as a draftsman in the early 1990s.

He additionally made illustrations for different magazines and fanzines.

His bibliography count a collection of fairytale horror stories called "Le Minifiabe"; a web-comic "Alice nel Paese

degli Orrori", a lysergic version of the famous novel by Lewis Carroll, and from 2010 he began to serialize the

self-published "O.Z.", a very personal version of "The Wizard of OZ".