Largemouths HC limited edition


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Largemouths (HC) - October 2015
limited edition of only 17 numbered copies 
first printing - published by Hollow Press
printed in size 18 x 25 cm on raw and thick paper of 100g
688 pages B&W (2 full-color interior pages) + full-color cover and backcover
stitched paperback binding - "mushroom" plasticization (soft touch)
weight: 1,93 KG!!! (Huge!)

artwork: Gabriel Delmas
editor: Michele Nitri
graphic design: Marco "Keno" Del Negro

foreword by Miguel Angel Martin - "Black Paintings, Dark Worlds"
...Gabriel Delmas, achieves to recreate, with all these references and some dose of
surrealism, a peculiar and personal world of an icy an uncanny atmosphere full of
horror and loneliness. -MIguel Angel Martin

this is one of the Gabriel Delmas "Mushroomic Art" books
- New type of comic book for an artistic revolution. Thus the book itself becomes the format of the work of art. Because mushrooms sprout on rot. -

Graphic poetry
Inspired by Francisco Goya’s “Saturno devorando a un hijo.” The Earth was still young in these archaic times when the first Men scattered on the face of an obscure and hostile world still inhabited by elves, centaurs and other imps, where the last Giants hunted and feasted on one another. The greatest among them, the Largemouths, fought for the domination of the continents. Ghosts and aerial spirits sang the centuries of the Great Dead giving Man the first Art: Poetry.

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* you can compare the Hard Cover version with the Soft Cover version viewing the last three pictures. 


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