virus GIFT black package (only for ITALIAN customers)


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This is a FREE GIFT special package including 5 random comics chosen from the ones among the picture.

This is a GIFT for Italian customers only!
For a symbolic 1€ of cost (minimum amount allowed bu our store system)
and the cost of a shipping of just 6,90€
you will receive about 50-70€ of value of Hollow Press selected random books
(see the picture)

limited to only 150 packages total

don't worry about shipping matters, we checked out the actual situation with our italian courier GLS and shippings work perfectly, they could be just delayed by  couple of days for some of the cities in the north of Italy

this is our personal initiative to fight the trouble of the quarantine,

this is NOT a virus and a situation that must cause any sort of alarmism,
this is NOT the black plague...
but it's a serious situation easy to fight if we all italian people will stay at our home for a couple of weeks,

so this is way we chose to gift books,
this is our help for you to fight the boredom

please read these simple instructions before order:
* it's reserved to italian only customers
** we ship this special package only to Italy
*** limited at only one order for customer
**** PLEASE order this free item only if you are really interested to read Hollow Press books and/or if you want to gift them to some of your friends or family, we have a very limited amount of packages dedicated to this charity initiative!