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U.D.W.F.G.'s quotes:

"UDWFG is a perfect collection of dark and sinister shit. And most importantly, it contains some creepy comics from one of my favorite artists Mat Brinkman. Grab yourself a copy before they all sell out!" -Johnny Ryan

"Those stories shocked me. My sister used to bring me 'Paper Rodeo' when she was a student in Providence, those shocked me when I saw them, I couldn't believe it existed. I'm so glad I found this project. Thanks so much for your passion in making it happen, I didn't think I could have that reaction again reading Paper Rodeo over a decade ago but I had it reading this first work, incredible." -Joel S (collector)

“the dense use of black throughout reflects that sense that the reader has picked up some kind of forbidden, arcane tome.” –The Comics Journal

“It feels like the next Creepy or Eerie for a new generation, filled with raw talent and stuff of nightmares. In the end, I felt like I was being buried alive under dark, weird, fantasy grounds, and I loved every moment of it as the dirt filled my lungs.” –Bleeding Cool

U.D.W.F.G. (underdarkweirdfantasygrounds) is a six-monthly fanzine ideated by Michele Nitri,
owner of "Hollow Press" self-publishing.
Michele Nitri publish stuff to spread underground culture, dreaming,
sooner or later to devolope his passion into a profession.

for any info contact me at:


The HOLLOW CREW is composed by:
Mat Brinkman aka "Fork Imp & Friend"
Miguel Angel Martin aka "DEZxPLORER"
Tetsunori Tawaraya aka "Mr. Rotten Donuts"
Ratigher aka "Lowest Note Keeper"
Paolo Massagli aka "Scar The Weaver"