Hollow Press Comics - artists bio


(Shintaro Kago)
Shintaro Kago (born in Tokyo 1969), is a Japanese manga artist. Shintaro Kago's style has been called "Fashionable Paranoia" in the West.
He frequently breaks the fourth wall, and he likes to play with the page layout in extreme ways, being considered one of the most virtuoso comic artists in the World.
In 2006 the first edition of his personal movie convention called "Shit Film Festival" (Unko Eigasai) was held by him.
In 2014 he designed the vinyl version of the album cover and inner sleeves of the release "You're Dead!" by "Flying Lotus".
At "Lucca Comics & Games" in 2014 he won a prestigious italian award "Gran Guinigi."
In 2019 he made the concept art for the Netflix film "In the Tall Grass" (direction Vincenzo Natali), a movie inspired by a Stephen King and Joe Hill novella.
He has published about 50 manga in Japan, and his stories are translated in several countries around the World, winning him considerable popularity.
His most recent works are published by the international underground publisher Hollow Press.
He is often a guest at international comic conventions, drawing live portraits for fans with his unmistakable grotesque style.
He continues to exhibit his work in art galleries worldwide.

(Tetsunori Tawaraya)
Tetsunori Tawaraya is a Japanese musician and artist, known as the guitarist and vocalist for the noise punk band 2up and for his graphic art. Tawaraya is originally from Miyagi, currently based in Tokyo, Japan. He started drawing portraits of people and musicians in San Diego, CA in the late 1990s, and prolifically created sci-fi/experimental graphic novels. His San Diego-based band Dmonstrations was active and toured until 2007 besides 2up. His grotesque and vibrant perspective has been appreciated over generations. He works with publishers such as Hollow Press, Le Dernier Cri, and Colour Code, and releasing books with screen printing, and risograph. Braindead, Volcom, NTS Radio, RVCA and Element respectively collaborated, and his works have being active in multiple platforms.

(Daisuke Ichiba)
Daisuke Ichiba started painting seriously in the eighties and in 1990 self-published his first book entitled 37 Year Old Bastard. Since then, he has continued to release a book a year, and was noticed by the great manga artist Takashi Nemoto, as well as Pakito, from the outsider art gallery, Le Dernier Cri based in Marseille, France. Since 2006, Ichiba has held solo shows in Paris, Marseille, and Switzerland, and in recent years has been pursuing photography. He started his collaboration with Hollow Press with the publishing of his short manga "Train". Hollow Press announced to publish all Ichiba's old manga, the first one is "The Life of Namazuko"


(Mat Brinkman)
(b. 1973, TX) Brinkman lives and works in Colorado.
In 1995 he co-founded the famed Fort Thunder and Paper Rodeo zine, that was active until 2001.
Is an artist and electronic musician under the name Synb. Also known to be the cofounder of the duo Mindflayer with Brian Chippendale. 

His comics masterpieces are: Teratoid Heights and Multiforce, reprinted in 2018 by Hollow Press as "museum editions".
He also is a member of the Hollow Crew, serializing is more recent comic "Cretin: keep on creep'n creek" for the anthology U.D.W.F.G. edited by Hollow Press.
He contributed to the concept art of the Netflix series "Midnight Gospel".
Noteworthy the recent work of the artist is Craptime.
Furthermore he is author of boardgames Cave Evil and Warcults.
Brinkman’s prolific output of posters, drawings, comics, music and films continue to be highly influential, exposing in many countries of the World.
Many important comic critics qualify him as the most influential underground comic artist of the past two decades.

(Jesse Jacobs)
Jesse Jacobs, born in New Brunswick, Canada, currently resides and works in Hamilton, Ontario. Recognized as a pivotal figure in the new wave of Canadian alternative comics, he has received prestigious accolades in America, publishing his works with Koyama Press and Hollow Press. His comics have been translated into numerous languages, and his works have appeared in Best American Comics, Mad Magazine, New York Times, and Le Monde Diplomatique. He has also contributed to the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time. His latest work is "New Pets," published by Hollow Press.

(Henri Dumas)
Henri Dumas is making Virulent Vessels of Vesicating Vices comics somewhere within the United States.
Creator of endless psychedelic comic series like "Den Dwellers", "Little Henri in Sourland" and "Sparagomosia's Rising". 

(Al Columbia)
Al Columbia (born 1970) is an American cartoonist.
At the age of 18 Columbia was hired to assist Bill Sienkiewikz in illustrating Alan Moore's ambitious Bug Numbers series.
Columbia's first solo comic book, Doghead, was released by Tundra Publishing in 1992. 
With his stories in "The Biologic Show" by Fantagraphics Books (1994-1995), focused on visceral and disturbing subject matter.
In 2009, Pim & Francie: The Golden Bear Days, a book of Columbia's previously unpublished work, was released by Fantagraphics Books to widespread critical acclaim, including nominations for two Ignatz Awards.
In 2013 a selection of his paintings was published on the website of Hi-Fructose Magazine.


(Bartosz Zaskórski)
Born on December 31, 1987, in the village of Żytno in Poland, Bartosz Zaskórski dedicates himself to illustration, comics, electronic music, short story writing, radio show production, and craftsmanship. His work hints at a strongly distorted view of the pop culture of his youth, with a fondness for mutants, oddities, absurdities, and black humor. In 2020, he obtained his Doctorate from the Academy of Fine Arts. As a musician, he has performed
under the nickname "Mchy i porosty" (Mosses and Lichens), primarily producing lo-fi elec- tronic music oriented towards the synthesizer. His tracks have been published by nume- rous labels, and his music appears in the video game Cyberpunk 2077. Bartosz also volun- teers at an animal shelter in Krakow.

(Jagoda Czarnowska)
Born in Wrocław in 1997, Jagoda Czarnowska graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She is an animator, illustrator, and painter, primarily focusing on surreal and dis- turbing subjects. Her art is deeply rooted in her dreams, which she often shares with tho- se close to her.

(Dina Omut)
Dina Omut was born in Romania, more precisely in the enchanting region of Transylvania, on the night of August 2, 1996, in a hot and stifling climate. She spent her formative years in an environment rich in legends, traditions, and unique rituals, each of which fueled her imagination from an early age. It was a realm abounding with enigmas and gray areas, at times ironic, a world that she feels the need to convey through her works. She has exhibi- ted her artwork at numerous exhibitions and has worked as an illustrator and comic artist in journalism. She is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Her first comic, “Mana,” has been published by Hollow Press.

(David Genchi)
David Genchi, 1995 D.C. after several prints and and self-produced little books he made his debut in world of comics with outERoticspace, a split-book designed in collaboration with Miguel Angel Martin.
With "Lo Fallo Perduto", published by Hollow Press (2018), he started a cycle of tales he defined has a grotesque genre of chivalry and was nominated for the best "first work" at the Micheluzzi prize of Napoli Comicon 2019.
after atrocious production vicissitudes he manages to conclude his first and at the same time last work "La Gameti", which will be presented at the 2019 TCBF. 

(Paolo Bacilieri)
Paolo Bacilieri (Verona, 1965) works in comics World since 1982. His character-alter ego is Zeno Porno, Disney scriptwriter and ex Cia agent, whose adventures are told in Zeno Porno and in La magnifica desolazione. Among is most alternative works Barokko, Durasagra – Venezia Über Alles, The Supermaso Attitude, Phonx.
In 2012 published Sweet Salgari (best italian comic at Treviso Comic Book Festival 2012) and Fun in 2014. For Sergio Bonelli Editore he drew and wrote stories of Napoleone and Jan Dix, he drew the comic Sul pianeta perduto, and the Speciale Dampyr #9 (Gli studenti della scuola nera). In 2014 realizes the team-up Napoleone-Dylan Dog, with Carlo Ambrosini for Dylan Dog Color Fest #12. Winner in 2002 of Award A.N.A.F.I. as best drawer and Award Gran Guinigi as best complete author at Lucca Comics & Games 2006.

His first graphic novel "Una brutta Storia," published in 2014 by Grrrz Comic Art Books, won the Boscarato Award for "Best Emerging Author" at the Treviso Comic Book Festival in 2015. His second graphic novel "The Rust Kingdom," published by Hollow Press in 2017, won the "Nuove Strade" award at Napoli Comicon in 2018 and was included in the selection for the Gran Guinigi at Lucca Comics and Games, also in 2018. He created a va- riant cover for "Absolute Carnage" for Panini Marvel Italia and the dust jacket for the Italian edition of Johnny Ryan's "Prison Pit," works that earned him the Boscarato Award for "Best Cover Artist" in 2018. His third graphic novel, "Fingerless," published in 2020 by Hollow Press, earned him the 2021 Boscarato Award for "Best Author." In 2022, he wrote and illustrated an episode of the "Dylan Dog Color Fest" for Sergio Bonelli Editore.

(Perdita Lujuria)
Born in Xixón, Spain, in 1979, May Novo, better known as Perdita Lujuria, has been stron- gly attracted to dark fantasy and horror literature from a young age. She not only loved to read but also illustrated the covers of her favorite books. She soon discovered the erotic comics of the Spanish publisher El Cuervo and was equally fascinated by 1980s horror films. She once dreamed of working in special effects for these films but instead found herself working in various fields in Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany, none related to the arts. In 2018, she began to draw daily, mixing themes of eroticism with horror. After re- turning to Spain in 2019 and attempting to sustain herself through her art in Madrid, she moved back to her hometown, marking the real beginning of her book's journey.