Hollow Press Games - artists bio

(John Blanche)

John Blanche was born in 1948 and, after completing his studies at art school, he studied graphics and illustration and became a freelance illustrator in 1977. Initially he dedicated himself to the self-publication of Mythica and the book drawn in a collaboration with other artists Ninth Day, during the period that he himself describes as the “hippy years”. He illustrated covers and pages of books such as the British edition of Dungeons & Dragons, The Prince and the Woodcutter and the Tolkien Bestiary. From 1984 onwards he began working full time for the Games Workshop on illustrations and concept art, organizing their art department and becoming art director in the years following the turn of the millennium. Over the last ten years he has dedicated his spare time to the Voodoo Forest project, a world-building exercise that’s not fully inspired by fantasy, but has its roots in reality and in natural history. A first version of Voodoo Forest was self-published in 2015. In 2022 Hollow Press publishes a longer, rearranged version in its definitive form.
And he will fly with Voodoo...

Plastiboo is an independent digital artist based in Spain whose first published work is the guide to the non-existent old school video game "Vermis." The main themes in his work are horror, dark fantasy, and discomfort.

(Alfred Pietroni)
Based in southeast London, Pietroni studied Illustration and Visual Media at the University of the Arts London. His artistic efforts primarily revolve around 3D digital character, fashion, and creature design, emphasizing dark fantasy, horror, and mysterious themes.

(David & William Genchi)
David Genchi, has been working with Hollow Press since 2017, in 2018 he publishes "Lo Fallo Perduto" which was nominated as best first work at Napoli Comicon's Micheluzzi Award. In 2019 he publishes "La Gameti" nominated for best single author at TCBF's Boscarato Award. In 2022 he embarks on the comic-game world together with his brother William Genchi, creating the fantasy-trash-nonsense project "Analwizards", which has been presented at Lucca Comics & Games 2022.

(Simone Alberto Grifone)
Simone Alberto Grifone (born in Rimini in 1986), thought he was just a singer, but life asked him for more. To date, he is part of the Hollow Press family. Cyberflesh is his first project. The Grifone is a legendary animal.

(Jack Sensolini)
Jack Sensolini made his debut in 2017 with the Italian grimdark “Il Ballo degli Infami.” Creator of the Kingdom of Taglia, originator of the Fantasy di Menare, and godfather of the Heroic Ignorance literary movement, all alongside Brother Grimdark Luca Mazza. In 2018, he founded the pirate publishing brand “Lethal Books.” He is the author of many novels like: “Riviera Napalm”, “PenisolAtomica” “L’Amore ai Tempi del meNare,” “Pandemonium,” “Manifesto”, “Vilùpera,” “Mattanza,” “Sudario.” “Apocalemme,” "Maladriatico". In 2020, he co-authored the setting manual for D&D 5e “Brancalonia,” lending the rights of the “Kingdom of Taglia.” In 2023, he conceived and wrote MANO SINISTRA - Necro- Briscola RPG (illustrated by David Genchi), published by Hollow Press, a dark fantasy OSR role- playing game with infernal lore and a game system inspired by Briscola.

(BONEFOREST artists):
- Michele Nitri is the editor of Hollow Press and co-creator of Boneforest.
Helge Wilhelm Dahl is a sculptor and miniature painter from Oslo, Norway. He takes inspiration from natures organic shapes and structures, and often incorporates organic materials like bones and shells into his designs. Together with Michele Nitri, Helge is the co-creator of Boneforest, a tabletop skirmish warband game produced and published by Hollow Press. Helge’s current main project is designing, sculpting and casting the miniatures for the game.
- Moritz Krebs is an illustrator from Germany. Inspired by Renaissance and Art Nouveau artists, folklore, and fairy tales, his black-ink works depict the more grotesque side of dark fantasy worlds. He works frequently in the tabletop and roleplayinggame Industry as Illustrator and concept artist. With his work for the new Hollow Press Game "Boneforest" he presents his first major body of work in colour.
Ana Polanšćak (Gardens of Hecate) is a miniaturist specialized in crafting heavily customized gaming and display pieces in a distinctive macabre style. Her work is focused on materializing grim, immersive worlds through tabletop miniature projects. This encompasses everything from modelling, sculpting, painting, building scenery and making gaming paraphernalia, to writing, game design, graphic design and miniature photography. She blogs about her creative process and publishes tutorials, to help others craft their own mini universes into existence. As a full-time freelance 'brush for hire', Ana works on commission, for private collectors and gamers, as well as companies in the tabletop miniature industry. Her last collaboration is for the tabletop skirmish warband game Boneforest, published by Hollow Press.