"Best Italian Publisher, TCBF 2019"

Hollow Press is an independent comics publisher house focused on dark weird fantasy. 
Founded in February 2015 by Michele Nitri, after one year of self publishing of the anthology U.D.W.F.G.
(Under Dark Weird Fantasy Grounds).
Hollow Press productions are intended for an international audience, offering comic books as main activity, combined to the sale of original artworks and games. Hollow Press regularly collaborates with worldwide fairs and conventions, organizing exhibitions focused on his published artists.

Hollow Press is like a black hydra. Hollow Press are:

Nitri Michele - Owner & Editor in Chief
Simone Alberto Grifone - CMO
Paolo Vigneri - Lawyer, Customer Care, SMM
Marco Cirillo Pedri (aka Marcone) - Graphic Designer Supervisor
Christian Dolz Bayarri - Graphic Designer & SMM Designer
Salvatore Privitera (aka Turi) - Translator, RPG Editor
Davide Ruggieri / Madeori - Logistics
Giuseppe Brindisi - International Events & Videogames Production

+ several other external collaborators.