Skull Rider (poster)
Skull Rider (poster)
Skull Rider (poster)

Skull Rider (poster)

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Skull Rider

SIGNED!!! by Tetsunori Tawaraya!!!

a Tetsunori Tawaraya comic collected in just one poster!

this is the FOLDED version! Intended to be just a collectible poster,
it may have some minor unclean zone for the binding process,
if you want the unfolded and thicker very limited PRINT go HERE!!!

June 2021 - first and unique printing
(it will never be reprinted)

published by Hollow Press
limited edition of 800 copies
HUGE SIZE 68 x 96 cm on 140g PLIKE BLACK paper
printed with SILVER INK !!!

artwork: Tetsunori Tawaraya
editor: Nitri Michele