FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!! for just 24h!!!

hey souls,
after two weeks of hard work, we are glad to announce that we have launched the new Hollow Press site,
to inaugurate this big event we chose to launch an insane promotion, probably the first and last time we do this


no restrictions, we just put a minimum purchase order:
35€ for orders from Italy
70€ for orders from USA/Canada and Europe
140€ for orders from rest of the World

everything is automated, if you reach the minimum amount required
you will see the FREE SHIPPING option during the check out

This promotion is valid for just 24h,
and will be expired during the night of 10th March (time line: Italy)


*very important: we did our best on the new web site, the old one was 7 years old, very clunky with a very old theme and inappropriate for our continuously expanding catalog. 
The new one has a complete restyling, everything is put in order in sub collections through an intuitive menu.
PLEASE send us feedback! For us is very important to know if we took the right direction to improve it.