For a darker summer! July 13 2017

hey souls, I hate the summer, and probably you hate it too, so let's enjoy some cool and dark stuff to freeze us from inside!

first of all, I'm glad to announce that Hollow Press is publishing a new underground american artist, really underground, he has only an instagram page, an hidden gem that I haven't missed, fortunaly, he is Henri Dumas, and is making Virulent Vessels of Vesicating Vices comics somewhere within the United States.

if you just want taste him, you can try his two main comics (available separatly too):

V∴V∴V∴V∴ Den Dwellers #1

V∴V∴V∴V∴ Subterranean Centrifuge

if you are enough brave to be counsious that you are just a fucking limb, you can buy the:
Virulent Vessels of Vesicating Vices

This is a complete set containing all V∴V∴V∴V∴ comics.
Limied edition of 313 copies.
If you buy this set you have yielded to the vesicating archive #1 becoming a limb of the V∴V∴V∴V∴ lodge. You don't need to know what it means. Reading Henri Dumas tales, you will just be conscious to be a limb of the lodge.
To certify your membership you will get the folder with your ID number limb, your full namethe official Hollow Press stomp.

This set includes the main V∴V∴V∴V∴ comics: (also available separately)
Den Dwellers #1 (20 pages)
Subterranean Centrifuge (20 pages)
+ three extra comics exclusive of this set:
Egg Thieves (12 pages)
Toad (8 pages)
Subterranean Sacriledge (12 pages)

furthermore, you will get the two main starting items of the lodge:
the exclusive pin
the exclusive sticker
both needed to spread to existence of the lodge.

Published in June 2017
size of the box 17x24cm
all comics are printed in B/W off-set,
stapled binding in WHITE,
printed on the prestigious 200g paper 
Fedrigoni X-PER Premium White
(320g of the same paper for the folder)

as best preview, watch this 

also, I was so excited about Henri Dumas art that I shown his comics to the great artists Mat Brinkman and Tetsunori Tawaraya, they really enjoyed his comics and I'm proud to have got a couple of quotes:

"Downright disturbing detailed dreamworld drawings from Dumas, dare you dwell in the den?!" -Mat Brinkman

"It was a dim humid day of July, and the siamese suns were emitting freedom of darkness." -Tetsunori Tawaraya


as you can see Henri Dumas artworks are crazy, and obviously, as always, we have put some artwork for sale, they are selling very fast! Before the newsletter too, so I suggest you to buy your favorite soon.
You can buy them


* Henri Dumas is really physically in doing art,
to watch one of his artworks in live is a weird experience,
so is not rare to find some piece of extra paper attached
above some panel, cut parts, deleted parts with 
white ink, psychedelic additional paper parts, 
sketches/doodles/notes on the back of the artwork etc...

So, welcome at the V∴V∴V∴V∴ lodge!


If it is not enough, I have another very important news, the first issue of LaurenceEngraver main serie, Aberration #1, is finally out, and is extremly cool, a very unguishing reading, but with a lot of action as in manga style and an horror sentimentalism story that will surprise you, from LaurenceEngraver backcover description:
"Hunt the blood for blood. For his instinct he runs, and bares his teeth when found. That is all he can do. And shall do it for eternity."

don't miss it, buy it,

and some pix of the book:

* this product is available both in ENGLISH and ITALIAN

original artworks available 


just some pix to show you how much they are cool:

(this is the giant one, 70x50cm!!!)


that's all, I wish you a dark summer!

GRAYWORLD (the new scratched book by Tetsunori Tawaraya is out!) May 23 2017

Hey souls, 
first of all I'm glad at announce that Grayworld, the new scrathed book by Tetsunori Tawaraya is officially out!
Always with our amazing printing, silver ink on PLIKE black paper, this new comic looks cool at least as much as Crystal Bone Drive, don't miss it here how Tetsunori Tawaraya introduced the book:

"Grayworld is struggling with evil opening. They have to build more strong barrier. Scorpio is a transporter who is under his 6th mission to find sacred bugs in groundworld. Can he survive the mission, and bring sacred bugs for holy purpose?"

buy the book HERE!!!

and for a quick video preview watch THIS LINK

don't forget, if you missed the first scratched book CBD, we have just reptinted it, and second edition is exactly like the first (only different credits obviously), you can buy HERE!

of course we have for sale some of the best original artworks from the book, buy your favorite one before you miss it! Samples:

available HERE!!!

* Tetsupendium Tawarapedia 2°ed. went sold out, but from now we have printed the third edition available HERE


We went in Canada to take part at TCAF (TorontoComicArtFestival),
a great festival, a great pleasure, and as always we really want thanks all the guys organizing this amazing event and above all, you all coming to visit our stand loving what we are doing. As always we almost sold out everything! In these pix how our stand looked like:

sincerly, thanks to every one! We love canadian people.

Shintaro Kago + Jesse Jacobs April 01 2017


Hey souls, 
after 2-3 months to schedule all our publishings of the year we start with two huge artists:

Shintaro Kago isn't new among Hollow Press artists, you know him and you know how much he is cool.
We are proud to publish a new exclusive comic serie by him titled:
"Day of the Flying Head #1"
this is the first issue and will be four issues total, two each year, second one will be out for October 2017.
I love this new comic, maybe it's my favorite one among his comics, maybe because is the most dark weird fantasy and dreamlike comic he never made.
So I really suggest you to read it.
It will be a very cool object, small size A5 with thick 170g paper, off-set B/W printing inside with a wonderful full colored cover printed in PVC. For a very "aggressive" price, just 8€, and just 6,80€ though preorder, so, don't miss it!
Here some pix:


you can preorder the book HERE!!!

and you can preorder original artworks from the storyboard for very fair prices HERE!!!
(-15% off /preorder)


(this time the main original artworks are preserved in Hollow Press archive, probably we will make some very cool exhibition, so we chose to not sell them individually, maybe for a very good offer we would sell the whole book)


About Jesse Jacobs, yeah souls, finally we commissioned an U.D.W.F.G. special to the great canadian artist Jesse Jacobs, one of my favorite! He doesn't need of presentations, if you don't know him please get a look at his short BIOGRAPHY.
What he made with this book is incredible:
"They Live in Me"
it's one of the most mental diverted and distressing thing I have never read, as always he let's me think a lot (think travelling in very weird gloomy spots), but that's normal, that's dark weird fantasy? So I'm not surprised he full understood what I meant for dark weird fantasy. Also there is a foreword by the great Noah Van Sciver:
"Nature is a haunted house--but Art--is a house that tries to be haunted."

very very very important, this cool comic is full of text, so we are printing a double edition, english and italian (many italian readers are jumping in the dungeon now...), so please when you order it SELECT WHICH LANGUAGE.
Obviously I remember you that U.D.W.F.G. specials are only 12€ in first printing and only 10,20€ through preorder, so don't miss it, because you know that reprintings would be more expansive (15€) and with laser printing, not the fucking high quality off-set printing.
here some pix:

so hurry up and get your copy HERE!!!

As always we put for sale all original artworks for very fair prices HERE!!!
(-15% off /preorder)


(many of the original artworks are for sale combined in double, triple, quadruple pages, the story is so good that I prefer to sell them in blocks, Jesse is one of the last guys to work with an handmade lettering, well done lettering, so it's a pleasure to hung up a complete readable sequence.)


INFO 1 - Important information, Industrial Revolution and World War (third edition) is sold out, there is the fourth edition ready for preorder, if you missed it hurry up to order HERE


INFO 2 - we have left only less than a dozen of copies of Crystal Bone Drive (first edition) and Tetsupendium Tawarapedia (second edition), you can buy one of the last copies now, by the way we will reprint them in the begining of May.


INFO 3 - We are delayed with The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder: 2nd seal by Arallu
I don't know why but I'm really thinking the cause could be the level of details of this new issue, anyway it's almost ready and it will be out within next few weeks.


INFO 4 - U.D.W.F.G. vol.4 from main serie is scheduled for this June, of course the waiting will worth!
Stay tuned!


INFO 5 - Just to notice you we got a booth for the Toronto Comic Art Festival, if you live in Canada don't miss to meet us! My english is very bad but I would be happy to chat with you!


INFO 6 - For italian customers only, we overcharged the shipping cost for the courier, only the courier, now it is 5,90€ and not anymore 5,00€, this is why we are giving all italian packages to DHL, it's slightly more expansive, but for just 0.90€ more we have a safer service and we are sure you agree with us.
The cheap shipping "piego di libri ordinario" has always the same price (2,00€), but I remember you it is not registered, so please if you choose it at least be patient. Thanks!


it's all for now, my souls,
let's talk again in next month!

Eating some mushroom with Gabriel Delmas at Fungus God's Shrine December 04 2016

Eating some mushroom with Gabriel Delmas at Fungus God's Shrine

Michele Nitri VS Gabriel Delmas

MN: Hey Gabriel! So, what kind of mushroom do you suggest me to eat?
GD: Mushrooms in my comics are metaphorical. They are like the ancient greek Chorus in theatre. The scenery is very important, it’s a special character. That's why my sceneries often move, and mushrooms sometimes have tentacles, like octopuses or sea anemones. Surely, they are sexes, both female and male, they are penises and vaginas.

MN: In the past you have called your art "Mushroomic Art", do you need to take drugs during the creative process? Is it necessary to create psychedelic comics or is it possible to imagine an unreal world with a clear mind?
GD: Yes, It appeared to me that I like decay, punk stuff, ill foetuses and monsters, octopuses and mushrooms too much. They are characters and parts of the background at the same time. When I called my comics “Mushroomic Art“, my designs, my lines were very smooth, a bit like noodles or worms, like a troubled "art nouveau". After 2006, I changed my way of drawing but I kept these background characters. As I said, "mushroomic art" is a sexual obsession. Drugs don't change my
visions or ideas. And even if I have written fantastic dark stories and poetry, the main themes, often hidden, were sexuality and madness, together. Xuwwuu follows this obsession.

MN: Yeah! Let's talk about XUWWUU then. First and obvious question: can you explain me this terrible title? what's behind?
GD: Xanthochroid Ursine Witch Wunderkind Urchin Uranium. But maybe it means something else.

MN: I can‘t imagine something different from painting for this work. But why this choice?
GD : Boards are painted with acrylic. It dries fast and it's easier on paper than oil. The Face on the cover is painted with tempera with eggs. This is the ancient technique of painting. It was mainly used before the XVIIIe century. For this project, I thought it was better for me to use painting because this is not the same logic. With painting, I can feel flesh and blood, and limpness of monsters directly with color. And also lights, atmospheres are more complex, more subtle.

MN: did the story come out instinctively? Or is there some reason inside? I ask this question because you’ve already made some psychedelic comics, mostly short comics, instead there is a prominent story in Xuwwuu...
GD: I think, the best comics are the ones created instinctively, with few or no words, with dense images. I want to feed the reader’s imagination and sensations. I don’t want to explain and describe everything. I want to use drawings/paintings as they are: art, and not to use them as tools for narration. I don't want to help the readers to read the story. I want them to feel something with the drawings first. After that, of course, there is reason inside, there is always reason in my work. Fobo was also a sexual metaphorical story. Instinctive works are not opposed to constructed works. For me, it's the same. Drawing is both instinct and reason. Impossible to separate.

MN: So, let's go deeply in XUWWUU. I love the contrast between the black metal title font and the beautiful woman, or should I say the female. The whole comic seems to have this contrast between her very innocent appearence and the many monstrous creatures. Why this contrast?
GD: I always have this contrast in my works, because it is in me. I must express dark feelings, but I also laugh at myself, because I know how ridiculous I am, as a human. So my work is always dark and at the same time ironical. You know, it's like this painting of Goya (Saturn): it's like a child nightmare. It is horrible and funny at the same time. We will all die, it is sad. But at the universe scale, it doesn’t matter. Life is absurd, meaningless. We cry and laugh. We are both great and ridiculous, beautiful and ugly, clever and stupid. And there is no help, no way out, no gods, nothing except this funny vision of death devouring us. We can't escape. We can't forget this sexual obsession that kills us. We live for that. We are like slaves. We organize everything to survive through our children. This is so funny. We are funny. This is so beautiful and ridiculous. I can't chose only one way. I must express this contradiction.

MN: Besides, she is the only human in the story. Here, everything is far from the humans world, maybe the only links are those horsemen in the horizon of page #4...
GD: Yes the far background of the story is a war. In a dark devastated landscape. The horse is a chtonic figure.

MN: Just to be clear, Is the woman a result of some event linked to horsemen? Or is she a miracle by Fungus God in the first page? Or again, maybe are the weird guys just praying the God to thank him for this so unexpected and awesome apparition?
GD: Yes, in this nigtmare, she appears like Eve. The whole creation acclaims the witch. The comic begins with the horse head. In fact, this is a mare. The mare of the nightmare. Because Nightmare means mare. And this animal is chtonic, psychopomp. There is no separation between nightmares and reality, life and death, and everything is superposed. The door is open. This human witch has opened the gate between earth and darkness.

MN: The woman's beauty obviously gives birth to an incredible and aggressive conflict between all the biggest creatures. It's funny how every event is surrounded by smaller creatures. Are those creatures harmless because they are smaller? Or because you see them as an audience intended to observe your work?
GD: She destabilises this world of ugliness and ridiculous monsters. People always want a part of beauty, money, glory, and are ready to fight until death to have the better place. People are like spermatozoons with the ovule. This is instinct. But if you are not the strongest, it's better to pass by, and wait your death far from this stupid competition. There is so many things to discover in the nightmare of life.

MN: The conflict ends with another ambiguous scene, a giant hand with an eye on the palm smashing the one that seemed to prevail on the others, it sounds like the artist's hand, the artist's intervention, again like a divine act...
GD: Yes you can read it like this. Artist hand needs eyes.

MN: And then, the biggest creature mates with the woman/female, because it‘s the winner or the chosen one. Can we interpret the hidden red figures in the sexual scene page #10 like the metaphorical representation of the act? In fact after that, even if it is a monstruous creature, it stays there, crouched like a guilty human having surrended himself to his instincts. So what's the connection between creatures and humans in your art? Is there a tangible difference or is it only a particular taste for this esthetics?
GD : After ejaculation, it is not crouched because it feels guilty, but because it is dying. And its soul is joining the ghost, under the form of a skeleton. This giant creature is a funny monster, a mix of a furry plush fantasm and a lemurian god. All the scene could be a creepy cartoon scene. I thought of snow white forest scene when I wrote this. Of course, hidden red figures are sexual representations, something like prolapsus.

MN: It's rather strange how the woman holds a bouquet in page #12, like a married woman, as if the creatures of that world have taken care of her... and then a hand intimates her to give birth here. And she’s always surrounded by iconic creatures of death, guys with skull heads, hordes of microskeletons etc. It's interesting how this comic speaks of birth and death at the same time. I would like to know what's the connection for you, or what's your vision of the cycle of the life?
GD: She is like a married woman. Skull heads tell her what will happen. No hope. No magical possibility to survive.

MN: And then the birth. Interesting representation of the growth cycle within a couple of images, always surrounded by other creatures, as in real life, the ones that have an important part in our life, the ones that partly determinate what we will become.
GD: And like diseases. Surviving is difficult. In this world, everything participates in killing us. We should fight each day to survive, and we are always alone. The baby is cute and grotesque. Ridiculous. Seen without any love. Love transforms the vision. But in Xuwwuu, horror takes off the veil of love and reality seems weird.

MN: Last page, everything ends with the explosion of the baby. As always, it seems impossible to understand the meaning of life, can you tell us why you ended the story so compulsively?
GD: The Nightmare of Reason Produces Funny Monsters. And they explodes. This is once again the same vision. Life is short. Death can happen suddenly, with no reason. There is no explanation to look for, no god to pray, no punition to be afraid of.

MN: This work seems like just a small part of what we could see, do you think you will continue to explore this universe in future comics?
GD: Xuwwuu is short, but was very difficult to make. I think this is a step in my work. This is very close to Nefas Negator, another recent work. This is expressionnist, with superposed paintings/drawings. The style is "plastic arts", not graphic. I'm not sure if I want to go back to the "graphic" way of drawing. This consideration seems to be technical only, but it's not. Creating this way changes the things I see. Because I stay on images longer than before. Works are shorter but dense. Before, I needed a lot of drawings to say something, but it was fast, like handwriting.

MN: It was a pleasure for me to make this long and interesting interview with you and to analyse your work. I really want to congratulate you because with XUWWUU you have given me a feeling that is missing in the world of comics, that same feeling you have when you are observing a painting for hours to try to analyze the details of the work and the emotions of the artist.
XUWWUU is like an enormous and unique painting to me, divided in many images.
GD: Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted. I was inspired by Dix, Grosz and by Renaissance Painters like Bosch or Grünewald. Some works are polyptychs, on panels, and are like stories.

MN: So, this is the end of the interview, let's eat some more mushrooms!
GD: Yes, we always need sex.

XUWWUU exhibition at BilBolBul December 04 2016

XUWWUU exhibition
at BilBolBul

Gabriel Delmas

Hello souls,
here to notice you about the exhibition we have organized with the collaboration of BilBolBul festival.
The main theme of the exhibition will be the new Gabriel Delmas book XUWWUU.
It will be entirely exhibit + several equences of other Hollow Press Delmas' books.

it is the first Gabriel Delmas painted book, it will be presented with a double edition,
regular and "museum edition". The regular one it's a 17x24cm stapled book, and the museum edition is 30x42cm (giant) hardcover. Both versions are printed on TINTORETTO thick paper, off-set full color printing and the "giant" one will be numbered (50 copies) and signed by the artist.

more info about the exhibition here:
facebook event:
a short preview by Fumettologica (loose pages)

I even want tell you about an extra content of the book. Inside we have a deep interview about XUWWUU work to Gabriel Delmas by me. I think came out something of interesting, just an extract of Delmas' art:

MN: So, let's go deeply in XUWWUU. I love the contrast between the black metal title font and the beautiful woman, or should I say the female. The whole comic seems to have this contrast between her very innocent appearence and the many monstrous creatures. Why this contrast?

GD: I always have this contrast in my works, because it is in me. I must express dark feelings, but I also laugh at myself, because I know how ridiculous I am, as a human. So my work is always dark and at the same time ironical. You know, it's like this painting of Goya (Saturn): it's like a child nightmare. It is horrible and funny at the same time. We will all die, it is sad. But at the universe scale, it doesn’t matter. Life is absurd, meaningless. We cry and laugh. We are both great and ridiculous, beautiful and ugly, clever and stupid. And there is no help, no way out, no gods, nothing except this funny vision of death devouring us. We can't escape. We can't forget this sexual obsession that kills us. We live for that. We are like slaves. We organize everything to survive through our children. This is so funny. We are funny. This is so beautiful and ridiculous. I can't chose only one way. I must express this contradiction.

so if you are around, come to visit us!!!


Important news:
- A Rusted Tale by Spugna is sold out, thanks to all the supporter.
- Same thing for Aberration #0 by LaurenceEngraver, more soon with the main serie!


Really sorry for my delay to ship, now I can say you'l,
that all two post Lucca weeks orders are shipped!
Sorry, some people have contacted me for info about but I cant reply to everyone, so hope you can read this newsletter. Precisely, everything is shipped since last friday, so you will get your order really soon:

but, anyway, it isn't only my guilt!
I'm kidding! I'm so happy for that!!!
Of course you have known me like a so "closed" person, and of course I am, but I have a great respect for all souls that support Hollow Press.
So I feel I owe you and I need to share with you this: there is a boy behind this company by now, his name is Ciro, as his grandpa! Welcome Ciro!
This is a pix of the day of his born, now he is 1 and half months boy!

U.D.W.F.G. Presents: Paolo Bacilieri - PALLA September 17 2016

hey souls, finally everything is almost ready with this new U.D.W.F.G. special, this year the guest star is Paolo Bacilieri. Why i'm so proud of that?
Of course Paolo Bacilieri is far from what I usually like to publish (dark weird fantasy), but I asked him sometime ago about this collaboration because I will always linked at this amazing artist. If now we can read the Hollow Press books it's even thanks to artists like Paolo Bacilieri, the undeground artists that burned up my black underground passion when I was only 17 years old.
Ah, there is another thing, I don't want say that this last comic by Bacilieri is a masterpiece, only other people can say that, but of course I can say you that's a black pearl, so melancholically disturbing...

I have published this short novel in a double edition, italian language for the great amount of Bacilieri fans here, and english because, trust in me, this is the chance to discover an italian underground cult artist for you that live worldwide.

I give you some idea:



this is a preorder, 'cos the book will be presented at TCBF of Trevisoand the whole comic will be exhibited at Papermedia gallery! The link of the event HERE

Don't miss the official Hollow Press stand there, festival is 24 and 25 of September!

- the book as always will be an high quality printing: 56 pages on 170g paper, A5 format, black and white + a "Flesh Ink" pantone, everything in off-set print, full color cover, soft spine with hard cover on front and back + stitched binding.

Obviously to thanks all souls that will support this preorder I have drawn up a funny trick... All guys that will preorder the book will get it with 15% off and an exclusive 38mm pin, the PALLA's pin, maybe one of the weirdest character ever, and this is the only way to get it, here how the book looks like:


* book will be shipped within 10 October.

also, as always we have available for preorder a bunch (probably the best) of artworks from the book, same discount here, 15% off. they are just a bunch and Paolo Bacilieri artworks are always in great demand, so hurry up!

you can buy them at this LINK!


so after a while we have the SPREAD COLLECTORS EVENT #3 !!!
this is the time of Shintaro Kago! We have 5 artworks at 50% off!!!For only the next two days, in next monday morning everything ends up, so hurry up! Here I show the selected artworks of the offer:

here the LINK where to buy.

--- Important news, Tetsupendium Tawarapedia is sold out, by now first edition is for collector, congratulation if you have your copy! Anyway we will print the second edition in early october, but without the embossed on the cover and all in laser printing, not off-set with an overcharged price of 19€.

--- another important news about the shipping methods and costs,
In last months something is changed in Hollow Press way to ship, we have:
- acquired a new contract with the DHL courier, a bit expansive but really safe and fast, it reaches all the countries of the World in only 2-3 days usually, so it's perfect for big orders or for order containing original artworks, for exemple, unto 3 kg of weight (a lot!) it's only 19€ worldwide. You can see the new option during the checkout.
- we have updated the shipping info in the "Transactions Policy" button HERE.
- finally we chose to improve the shipping packeging quality, seldom happened that something went delivered with some damage, but by now everything is shipped in hard carboard bag and boxes and all the shippings have the Hollow Press tape, so for any problem you can accept the package letting the post-man to sign "delivered with subject to control".
Here how the packages looks like:

it's everything for now, more soon with many great news!

Oltremondo is out!!! July 03 2016

Oltremondo is out!!!

Hey souls, finally Oltremondo is out! came out like a gorgeous HardCover book. I have presented yet this young artist (LaurenceEngraver), and I hope he is in your tastes!

You can buy the book here:



limited, numbered and signed

here LaurenceEngraver during the booksigning at the IED

it is available in both the languages, english and italian, you just need to select that in the store while you are puting the book in chart

english                       italian

Pretty important:

*** This is a very limited edition, printed to present the Lorenzo Baroni thesis in the 28 June at the IED in Rome. Only the issues #26-75 are for sale normally, when will left the issues down #25 they will be retailed for 48€ and next, last ten issues for 96€, so hurry up! This is the only chance to get it at the normal price.

the book is splitted in two main parts: 

the first is the Oltremondo itself, a comic with the grids;


instead the second part is entirely made by splash pages and it's the "before Oltremondo"

obviously, as always, there are a bunch of the artworks for sale in the store, here the -LINK-

there are pretty cool artworks to hang up, and two of them are giant size:

So, I'm really satisfied about this first work, and stay tuned! In October we will publish an issue "0" of the Laurence's main series called ABERRATION, the serie will start in 2017, a long one of 6 chapter of over 128 pages each, with a publishing time of 2-3 years, yeah, he is pretty fast.


Furthermore, I want really thanks all friends I have met at the Crack festival in Rome, it was really cool:
pictures of Paolo Massagli's exhibition

picture of Gabriel Delmas stuff:

more soon my souls!

a new Hollow Press artist!!! July 03 2016

a new Hollow Press artist!!!

--- LaurenceEngraver ---

yeah my souls, I'm proud to announce that Hollow Press for the first time will publish an emergent artist. It wasn't a guts matter, but simply we just needed to find out a real talent! Indeed I was following him since more than one year, and I need to thanks my friend/author Ratigher that brought my eyes straight to him, he is Lorenzo Baroni, aka LaurenceEngraver.
What was really surprising about Lorenzo is the way he presented himself to me.
I cant hide that constantly we recive submission from authors, but they are always so vague!
With Lorenzo was different, he presented to me an huge and really detailed storyboard for SIX volumes of a dark weird fantasy serie, apparently mainstream, but really underground indeed, full of desgusting and weird stuff, but at the same time, something I couldnt see since a couple of decades, in Lorenzo arts there is always a lot of DRAMA... what a classic word, maybe! But so classic that right now it's extremly original and uncanny.
At that time suddenly I contacted him to publish his work, yeah I can do it, not the usual incomplete story, but something really concrete, there was a lot of emotion in that fucking saga, I could see that was really important for him to draw that saga. Furthermore, he has a great techinque yet, and it's pretty fast. So no doubt... BUT!
He was still a student (right now he is only 21 years old), so I was waiting, and a month ago I discover that his thesis and graduation was scheduled, so I went to give a look at his thesis work, and it was PERFECT to present himself to people, to Hollow Press followers... in that thesis we can perfectly understand his art's aim, and that fucking thesis looks like a birth, maybe the LaurenceEngraver artistic birth. So in waiting of the main serie that we will start to publish next year, called "ABERRATION", I have the pleasure to present you some preview of the book/thesis OLTREMONDO, that will be presented and signed this 28 of June in Rome. Precisly at the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design).

extracts from OLTREMONDO by LaurenceEngraver:


This newsletter is also important because I want notice you that Hollow Press will be present with multiple shapes at maybe the best underground festival here in Europe, the Crack! festival of Rome, this 23-24-25-26 of June. The whole Hollow Press catalogue will be available at the Justindiecomics stand.
And the artist Gabriel Delmas (Largemouths and Fobo) will be the GUEST STAR at the Crack main stand to sketch his books andhe will make a special live wall painting for the event! So if you can go in Rome don't forget to meet him!

Furthermre a great collector, friend of mine, Marco De Giuli has organized a special exhibition about Paolo Massagli art(Toxic Psycho Killer and "Hell" serie on U.D.W.F.G.)
here the manifest:


some other important news to show fast:
- right now we have a new distributor for the USA, SEITE books, if you have a shop there order Hollow Press books direct from him.

- same thing here in Italy, we have an official distributor here, maybe the biggest comic shop here in Italy, Alessandro distribuzioni,

- new french review for Toxic Psycho Killer HERE
- new italian review for The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder HERE
- a student has made an Hollow Press wikipedia page like test for the school! what a pleasure! Wikipedia PAGE.
- new italian review for Industrial Revolution and World War by Kago HERE
- new italian review for The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder HERE

- a preview of Xuwwuu, the new ALL PAINTED comic by Gabriel Delmas, it will be exhibited at BilBolBul festival in November like exclusive!

- new italian review for Largemouths by Gabriel Delmas HERE
- TRACT by Shintaro Kago preview by Fumettologica HERE
- new italian review for Crystal Bone Drive, the last comic work by Tetsunori Tawaraya! HERE
- new italian review for Largemouths by Gabriel Delmas HERE
- new english U.D.W.F.G. review HERE
- new really deep english review for The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder HERE
- Shintaro's Kago Industrial Revolution and World War comic is among the best three manga of the last year for the french Nostroblog, you can see that HERE

- and don't forget that there are only a few of Shintaro Kago artworks still available, so hurry up!!! You can buy one of them right at this LINK.
and next some sample of pages still available:

that's all at the moment,
thanks for the support,
more soon!

TRACT by Shintaro Kago is finally out!!! May 21 2016

TRACT by Shintaro Kago is finally out!!!

hey souls, 
first of all I want thanks all the canadian guys that have visited us at the TCAF of Toronto, it ran in this way:
- amazing exhibition, great space, all the 57 artworks exhibited
- I think there were about 120-150 people at the opening! A long come and go of people for all the evening.
- After only 1 hour from the opening we sold out all the Tract copies! Crazy!
- Here some pix of the exhibition (when was possible to do them...)

cover and presentation



the great Kago, was really proud

Kago signing

After that, we had a stand at the TCAF in Toronto, it is a really great festival, very well organized, with a lot of people and in an amazing place, the public library of Toronto! Even here everything was crazy!
Within only the first morning we sold out all Kago's books and about 80% of other Hollow Press stuff, also we reserved in a couple of hours all the Kago's portraits availbale!
In the evening, me and my friend Gabriele Di Fazio said
"what the hell we can sell now???", things gone out of our control soon and we started to get orders from people like in a web store! I never thought to be able to do such a thing!

By the way, if you reader are one between the guys has ordered from us at the stand, don't worry, I have scheduled the shippings yet, and they will be shipped right in this monday! 

Here the pix we made at the begining, when things were still normal!



hope to see you next year!!!

About the book, TRACT by Shintaro Kago, I have spoken a lot about in previews emails, you know exactly what it is, so now is just time for these:

- You can order HERE!

- You can buy original artworks HERE!

and you can watch the videopreview here:

At the moment, on Hollow web page you can see only the available original artworks from chapter 1 and chapter 4, the other two chapters 2 and 3 are still for sale in Canada.
Anyway hurry up! Choose your favorite one, last time we sold out 27 pages in less than 2 months!


Last thing, UDWFG vol.1 is almost sold out, not anyomre available for distribution, the only and exclusive way to get it, is to order the COMPLETE set. That's to protect people that in time will be sure to follow the serie and to avoid further sporadic sales. Hurry up, they are about 50 copies available!

here the link to buy it:

U.D.W.F.G. complete set, vol.1-2-3

That's all my souls,
stay tuned!

Shintaro Kago exhibition at TCAF! May 02 2016

Come to the Shintaro Kago exhibition!!!

Hey souls, finally I have organized a great exhbition of Shintaro Kago.
All that thanks at the collaboration with Peter (the owner of the best comic shop in Canada - the Beguiling) and Chris (the director of the TCAF - Toronto Comic Arts Festival)
It will take place at Narwhal contemporary gallery in Toronto during the TCAF. I'm sure it will be really tricky for you european customers to visit us. Anyway i really suggest at my american customers to join!
It's a great exhibition with all artworks shown and for sale from the last Kago's novel, TRACT.
It will be an exclusive for the festival, and only in the begining of June available in Hollow Press store.
We are speaking about 57 original artworks! All watercolor!!!

anyway I will attach the exhibition promotional poster:

anyway, here all the links:
Announcement of the event
Facebook official event page
Announcement of the book TRACT

* important!
If you are a collector, you can ask at:
the pdf with all original artworks available with prices.
Prices are all in cad$, about 1,30 US$ and about 1,40 €
so the change at the moment is really really good!

Obviously, at the TCAF will be many events and interviews about Kago, and the Hollow Press will be present at the festival with his own STAND with all the stuff and a bunch of original artworks by other artists, so if you are there don't miss to visit us!


and now, I will show you some pix of the last printed Hollow Press books.

Crystal Bone Drive by Tetsunori Tawaraya:


thanks to all customers that are spending kind words for this editions! silver ink on prestigious plike black paper! we were sure you would have appreciated that!
If you miss it you can order the book HERE!!!
and you can buy one of the few original artworks selected and left HERE!!!
(these will be the only one for sale of this book, so hutty up!)

* video preview HERE!!!


Fobo by Gabriel Delmas


it was a black and white book, but we prefered to print it in full color to get weird effects, like the black that is a dark purple and like the extra contents included in an acid orange background. Really cool effects!
If you miss it buy your copy HERE!!!
and obviously are available some of the original artworks of the book, buy them HERE!!!

* video preview HERE!!!


some of the last REVIEWS of Hollow Press books:

- U.D.W.F.G. - comicstavern (english)
- The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder - 1st seal - justindiecomics (english)
- The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder - 1st seal - duluth(italian) 
- Largemouths - fumettologica (italian)
- The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder - 1st seal - famousmonsters (english)

if you need to read some review to understand the quality of our last products read them!
Also in the store, from now, each book description include the reviews list!


I finish showing you an amazing mural by Tetsunori Tawaraya, made in Japan, about the last comic we published Crystal Bone Drive. Amazing???

more soon my sould! Stay tuned!