Vermis I (5th edition) by Plastiboo
Voodoo Forest (2nd edition) by John Blanche
Analwizards (ENG 2nd edition) by Genchi bro

hey souls,
here we are, they were sold out for about a month, but we promptly reprinted them, we hope you haven't waited too much!

you can find and buy them at the following links:




thank you all for your support,
thanks to you we were able to work on so many projects, also regarding these amazing artists, like Vermis II, like a new Voodoo Forest book, e new line of young comics artists, new important mangas, even more our first boardgame, and so many other stuff!
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I also want remind you that Jesse Jacobs new comic New Pets is a true success, first edition (HC) is selling very fast, and I can tell you yet that reprints will be soft cover and not hard cover anymore, so grab soon your copy and don't miss it.
Also we sold out almost all original artworks from the book, so give a look to the last one,
(don't buy a pet, adopt it!)
you can find everything HERE
Last very important news, we are glad to announce we will take part as exhibitor at one of the best metal festival here in Italy, the Frantic festival, if you like music and want come to say hi we will wait you!!!
In Pescara (Francavilla) 
17/18/19 August

HERE more info

see you soon my souls!