Asagi Yaenaga and Suehiro Maruo!

hey souls,
I hope to find you'l well!
We are so proud to announce through this newsletter that we are putting out two very cool stuff for which we have been working for a very long time.
And we also love what they represent:

- An insane debut manga by Asagi Yaenaga, a very young and talented artist from Japan. This for us it's something of very special, since probably it's the first time a japanese artist debuts directly with a western publisher giving the start at a wonderful career, we hope! But we are also sure about that!
A dreamlike and very dark and hermetic tale with infinite keys of reading, what we really love, those stuff to read and read again losing ourselves in the mightness of the amazing drawings by Asagi. All made with a mixed media, eyeball pen and pencil!

- and from the other side, we are so proud to have started working with a true master like Suehiro Maruo, hoping this will be the first of many other cool future projects! We have put out a prestigious Giclée print having as subject one of the most iconic illustrations by the sensei.
"Octopus",  the original artwork is in the archive of the British Museum!
limited at only 125 copies.
The print comes out in an hahnemuhle William Turner 310g 100% cotton paper, a very particular and molded paper. Shipped along with a certificate of authenticity. Both signed by the artist, but mostly they comes with the prestigious original and official pair of hahnemuhle GOLD hologram, one on the back of the print and one with the same id number on the certificate.
Just for these first days, until 22th of March it is offered with a 15% off, so hurry up to get your copy, since more low the run will go, and more high the price will get.
we also got the chance to buy some original artworks from the short manga called “Dancing issunboshi”. First appareance, “monthly comic beam”, published by “Kadokawa” in 2010. Also published in several art books.
We are putting some of them for sale, you know how much Maruo's original artworks are scarce and demanded in the market, so don't miss your favorite one!
you can buy and get a closer view HERE!

And finally we want give you some very important news:
- we will attend the Angoueleme festival in France, can't wait to meet there our France customers, Hollow Press spread a lot of his verb there lately, so we hope to find a warm welcome and chat about our passion, underground cool comic stuff!!!
- we have reprinted the Shintaro Kago Day of the Flying Head collection,
they were 1000 copies, but sold out very fast, and of course it's one of the favorite books by the sensei, so if you don't have it yet, or if you missed it this is the chance to get it HERE.
- we also got from our old warehouse the last english copies of the masterpiece Multiforce by Mat Brinkman, many people asked us about them, and they will not last for a long time, you can buy it HERE
please note that it will be reprinted in a cheaper version, stapled, so this is a last chance to own it in the hard cover museum edition!
- this will be a very important year for us, we have very big projects in schedule, and as you know we will also invest in games world for this autumn. We are working very hard to get everything ready, and your support is precious, so we really want thank you all!
- last but not least, it's important to say you that since we are out of office for Angouleme festival, and since we suppose to get many orders, all orders from today on will be shipped within the end of March, so please be patient, you will enjoy your new stuff very soon!

that's all for now,

we don't want talk about the shit happening in this world, 
we just hope everything will be solved for everyone very soon,
because freedom is everything!


thank you for your support