NEW Shintaro Kago and Daisuke Ichiba manga are out!

Hey souls,
I hope to find you all well!
I'm here finally to announce the release of two new manga projects,
one by Shintaro Kago and one by Daisuke Ichiba
with all original artworks for sale!
but mostly, they are in preorder,
at 15% off, original artworks included!!!
You know this doesn't happen so often but we thought was a cool idea to darken a bit this so fucking hot summer!
So, in the while we work hard on the many projects will be out in this Autumn, we have the pleasure to present:
Parasitic City #0 by Shintaro Kago.
It is his new upcoming manga series, and here we have the number #0, next ones will be:
Parasitic City #1 out in 2023
Parasitic City #2 out in 2024
Parasitic City #3 out in 2025
Parasitic City #4 out in 2026
this number #0 is a short large format A4 manga all in full color, you can see it like an erotic spin-off to present the world.
The world building sensei Kago is doing for this series looks amazing, a mix between fantasy and body-horror in a grotesque and really Moebius vibe.
Here the cover and an internal page:
and you can buy the book HERE!
furthermore we have for sale all original artworks from the book, give a look HERE!
Heartbreak Reincarnation by Daisuke Ichiba.
We are so proud of this publication, because as you know we were working with this amazing artist recovering and rediscovering his old manga, but in this case, after years, he worked on a completely new manga, and this time using one of the marks that made him famous, the use of collage!
This is a story that as usual mix emotions with extremely grotesque and violent stuff. So if you enjoyed this amazing extreme artist before, that of course is becoming an underground cult, you can't absolutely miss this new one.
Here the cover and an internal page:
and you can buy the book HERE!
furthermore we have for sale all original artworks from the book, give a look HERE!
we want to remember that both these new books are in preorder until 15 of July at 15% OFF!
Not just the books but also 15% OFF on all the original artworks, so we don't think they will last for a lot of time, hurry up to buy your favorite one!
Please note that as specified in the red banner at the top of the home page, all orders placed from 1st July onwards will be shipped from 15 of July.
Before to close this newsletter we really want notice you about several reprints.
As you know our books go often sold out in time, and these ones were not available for a while, but now they are available again! So if you were waiting for a reprint of course this is the moment to buy!
Here the complete list:
Tract (7°ed.) by Shintaro Kago
The Life of Namazuko (2°ed.) by Daisuke Ichiba (english and italian version)
Kskhh (2°ed.) by Daisuke Ichiba (english version)
- and the so awaited Hospital Train (2°ed.) by Daisuke Ichiba!
but this reprint is different from the original edition, same format but stapled binding and 15€
*furthermore we made some check in our archive/warehouse and we have seen we still have some copies of the HC editions of The Life of Namazuko and Kskhh, if you missed them buy them asap, because they are the last copies! And you know, as for the majority of our products they will be collector items very soon.
Tetsupendium Tawarapedia (7°ed.) by Tetsunori Tawaraya
Assassin Child (2°ed.) by Tetsunori Tawaraya
Crystal Bone Drive (6°ed.) by Tetsunori Tawaraya
Grayworld (5°ed.) by Tetsunori Tawaraya
Dimensional Flats (4°ed.) by Tetsunori Tawaraya
*all Tawaraya books were sold out for a while, now are all available again, but we want to warn you that PLIKE paper got a rise on cost by 60%!!! We thought a lot about this, if to change this amazing paper that's a cult, or not, but finally we decided to rise up a but the price, so the small stapled books are not 10€ anymore but 13€, we are really sorry for that but is something we have avoided for years, but this time to overcharge on paper costs (as you probably know) was really insane!
That's all for now,
we come back to work on future projects, everything out in autumn,
and let's have a quick travel,
we are going to Nottingham to meet a true legend!
Stay tuned!