Vermis I reprint by Plastiboo is finally out!

Along with some pretty new limited print!
Hey souls,
here just a quick newsletter for you,
will follow a new one with a massive amount of news and announcement within March.
Anyway, right now I want just notice you that finally, the reprint of Vermis I by Plastiboo is out!
First time it went sold out within 24 hours from the launch, so don't miss it now!

you can find it HERE!
*please note, this reprint has some minor techincal change as intended by the artist: some typo have been corrected and some illustration comes brighter.

special gift for the everyone will order the book and at least one limited print within 48h from the launch, two stickers!!!


Furthermore, we put out 6 new limited print/posters from Vermis I,
they as usual are numbered and signed by the artist.
"Cold Bones" print is considered by us the main Vermis print/poster, so it has a longer run, limited to 250 copies.
All the other are very very limited to 50 copies, so don't miss to get it this time.
Last time the print:
"Beware of the states that can permanently damage your flesh and mind"
went sold out in a few hours!
Also, in the store there is a bundle to get one of those old prints too, even if they are just a dozen and A/P (artist proof, not numbered, but still signed)
You can give a look at everything from this picture:

and find them all HERE!

that's all for now, from Hollow Press team,
see you soon!