CYBERFLESH, D.E.D., Vermis I reprint

Cyberflesh is HERE!
hey souls,
I hope to find you well and ready to get some fun dealing with Cyberflesh,
it will be not easy... but fun!

Finally it's out, of course you heard something about it around in the web, since we presented a preview of the game during last Modena Play festival.
But now you can order your copy! Before I paste here some info, I want say:
 this production was crazy, our margin alsmost non sensical, but we really wanted to make it in this final form,
CYBERFLESH is our first BookBox
a book that is also a box
including materials to play
 (A LOT!!!)
the quality of this will be extreme, please check the video preview HERE
and everything is produced in EUROPE!

It is a:
(dungeoncrawler / roguelike / boardgame)
sometime hardcore!

a short introduction:
Neither maps nor names exist for this place. They tried to revive technology, but failed.
Their harmony, today, is the measure of that failure.
Everything dies, and dies anew, in a loop infected by the gern of iteration. Creatures are born, whose only purpose is to crush, tear, mangle. Others are born, their sole purpose being to be crushed, torn, mangled. Endlessly. Again and again.

With neither end nor beginning.

and here Simone Alberto Grifone face,
Hollow Press CMO, also game designer of this crazy project:
(this project is enterely illustrated by underground master David Genchi
amd written by the award-winning writer Marco Taddei)

check out our website for more info about contents and credits,
you find it HERE!

As you can see Cyberflesh is 89€
and now for only 48h we are offering it also for 100€ including one
of the limited digipack SOUNDTRACK CD by Fulci and Talpah

produced in collaboration with Time To Kill records
yes, Cyberflesh has an official soundtrack!

also, we involved several great illustrators, contributing with a special boss card for the game, you know them yet, I'm sure, they are:
Lord Bota by Plastiboo,
Lord Brumst by Nemocrux
Lord Glorg by Trevor Henderson,
Lord Karkadrom by Alfred Pietroni,
Lord Somnia by Bartosz Zaskòrski


the other important release of this month is the quickstart of our next RPG:
decadent earth dwellers

I'm so proud to work and publish this project, by Alex Bocchetto (a talented RPG game designer, "Network23")
and enterely illustrated by Bartosz Zaskorski, that obviously is not new for you, since worked with Hollow Press on several comic projects, now collaborating with us also for game projects!

introduced the authors, what is DED?
"Science-fantasy rules-light RPG set under a swollen sun on a Dying Earth.
The last heroes and marauders fight for survival and meaning in a post-human world.

Based on the Miseries & Miracles Game Engine by Alex Bocchetto."

Cyberpunk, Pulp, Giger, Cthulhu, Dying Eart, Mad Max...
so many influence mixed together becoming a very original and cool world to live in!
For more info give a look at our webpage, you can find some downloadable material like the character sheet and
the whole pdf in ITA and ENG. 
Yes because as for all our quickstart, they are planned to promote a RPG in italian festivals, in this case Modena Play, so we printed only 350 copies in italian language only, and here we are offering to our customers the few remaining copies, to give the chance to everyone to grab one! So we suppose it will go sold out very fast and become a collectible item soon. Don't miss it!

Official release of D.E.D. this autumn 2024
in the while buy and collect the limited quickstart HERE

and please go to the dedicated
and put a follow,
it's a pretty new page so we need followers for this project!


and final news, we have the eight reprint of Vermis I

obviously we are talking about the regular version,
if you are asking if the forsaken edition will be reprinted, yes they will, but within the end of September,
in the while if you still are one of the guy missing the cult Vermis I buy it HERE!


that's all for now,
more news very soon
stay tuned and support us,
it's thanks to you if we can put out all these crazy and avantagrde shit!