2021 is ending and we wish you a great 'MAS with one of our crazy offer!

hey Souls,
I hope you'l are fine and safe!
seems we all are going over this bad pandemic situation finally,
we made the first live festival, Lucca 2021 and we really wish within next year that everything will be a far nightmare.
This year for us was another year of growth despite all the difficulties, thanks to all the efforts and commitment and passion that we always put into it, and mostly thanks to the support that all of you have always given us.
Anyway to close the year properly we have a special and unique offer for you,
we will probably never do this again in future,
this is not an offer to give you a deal, even if it is... intact we would appreciate if you keep it limited to JUST ONE piece for customer/order.
This is just a chance to let you gift to yourself,
or to a friend or love by the bad taste,
an original artwork discounted of 25% off!!!
You never bought an original artwork to hang up your wall?
There is one you really love but it was too expensive?
This is the right moment to do it!
this is the
you can use the following promo code during the check out to apply a 25% off on the original artwork you re buying


we have tested the code and it works, but please for any problem contact us
This special code works for just 48H, it will expire!
Please select a courier shipping during the check out,
since whatever you order is shipped through courier in this Monday,
to be sure it will arrive within 3-5 business days
and 100% ready below your 'mas tree!
PS: Just to notice you that we have a last dozen of copies of:
and that all the new books we released in November are selling well,
we have just the last bunch of copies of:
so if you want one hurry up!
That's all for this year, we really hope you enjoyed our productions!
See you soon in 2022, that will be probably the most important Hollow year with several big investments and the hollow vibe put in the games world!!!