Massive Launch!

a massive launch here...
hey souls,
many of you were waiting hyped this newsletter, and finally here we are!
There are so many things to say about last Lucca festival and about all the new products we worked on (very hard, trust me) in last few months, but I will try to be most brief possible.

/// A short text about Lucca Comics & Games. It was a true blast, for the first time we had two different stands, one for comics and one for games, and everything was managed great thank to all Hollow Press collaborators those are always precious. And we met in live some new artist, all incredible guy we will continue to work with in future for sure. We also were surprised by the response of the fans/customers. We had limited amount of guests in comics caused by the many problem for flights outside the Europe, but this was the best year ever anyway, so thank you all! And we are also very surprised by the response of poeple about our games launch/products, crazy numbers, like Analwizards sold out with 550 copies sold, Voodoo Forest sold out with about 300 copies, and hundreds of all the rest.
So we really want thank you all for the support, to all guys visited us in Lucca and we hope also you guys supporting from the web can see the efforts and quality we have put on these new projects, always full of passion and efforts.
Probably we will make a dedicated post to Lucca in the near future with a lot of pictures etc, in the while let's go on with this launch, and thank you all for the support /


- Voodoo Forest by John Blanche

I don't need to describe the quality of this work and how much I'm excited to have put this out. It is available in different versions: regular, a cool hard cover black canvas book with hot-foil, ivory paper etc; one for collectors with a "Voodoo Monnalisa" gicleé print, signed with gold hologram etc; and one with everything + a small original artowork companion that is absolutely limited to one for customer (we sold 30 of them in Lucca yet, so in the store there are just a dozen available! Also, we got the chance (we really don't know if it will happen again) to sell some of the original artwork of Voodoo, as you know Blanche pieces are sold in auctions for thousands of pounds, so this is a good chance to get one at a reasonable price!

- Vermis I by Plastiboo

What I can say about Plastiboo? I'm searching for old school looking and pixel digital art by years, and I was so proud when he chose to collaborate with us, because he is incredible and i'm not the only one to think about that, he is so young but just so "followed", and was incredible to see in Lucca a lot of people with his shirts, to ask for pictures etc... it was his first live event!
Anyway, about Vermis:
 "Vermis I" is the first of an artbook series by the artist Plastiboo.
A pure act of world-building inspired by old dungeon crawler games.
It could be considered an official guide of a game that doesn't exist, since it's not a game at all!"

Which flesh is your flesh?
(we also have some original artwork for sale, Plastiboo was so gentle to make just some for us, since you know that he works only digitally. So it's probably a more unique opportunity that rare! Give a look!)
And also, very important we did the so awaited and requested print (numbered and signed by him):
"Beware of the states that can permanently damage your flesh and mind"
you can find everything

- Analwizards by David & William Genchi

This is of course the first big success of Genchi's brothers, we sold 550 copies in Lucca, I guess we will sell a lot here, and we are also organizing a tour around Italy to promote it, so I hope to print it again and again!
What is Analwizards:
a huge book by 96 pages, 23x33cm, all in full color!!!
The comic-game book by Genchi's borthers!
Fantasy, Trash, Nonsense!
Are you ready to become an Analwizard?!?

the average duration of a game is about 45-60 minutes,
but to 100% view the whole game you need about 8-10 hours of pure "fun?"
attention please:

and you can also use a dedicated APP to play at it!
(also, very important we have out a special edition for collectors including a random original artwork from the book for just 90€!!!)
* many people asked for that: we want notice you that you can find HERE the reprint of La Gameti by david Genchi!
You can find all the info

And here we are with the Hollow Press miniature game! After two years of hard work, playtesting, impossible graphic work etc, Boneforest is out!
a tabletop skirmish warband game, 18+ mature content, a player versus player game, average game duration 2 hours, an out of the box game.
Boneforest is a highly challenging and tactical game.
Be loyal to your clan.
Do not abuse bile.
Stay focused.
Pay respect to the Swamp.

this is just the beginning, we hope! And we are launching the game for a special price of 190€ instead of 250€, about 25% off! Almost everything is handmade and we have almost no earn here but we really want people start to buy it and play at it, so just to show you the huge amount of stuff included give a look at this picture! A box of 5 kilograms!!!

Furthermore, to make this launch even more special we give:
1st: all customers ordering the game within the first 48h from the launch will get the special ivory addicted miniature, exclusive of the launch, it will be NEVER available again.
2nd: the first 30 customers ordering the game will get the official clan sheet signed on the back by ALL the artists (Helge Wilhelm Dahl, Moritz Krebs, Ana Polanscak) + an exclusive sketch by the official illustrator of the game Moritz Krebs.
/// we also: sell separate the rule book, if you are just an Hollow reader and want enjoy the lore and the amazing illustrations; sell single miniatures; and the amazing original artworks by the great Moritz Krebs! For sale at 15% off for just a couple of days, so hurry up to choose and buy your favorite piece! 
Find everything


- Weird Tales of Postapoland

The new so awaited book by Bartosz Zaskorski, this time much longer!
80 pages!
A collection of short stories set in the world of Postapoland.
Stories from different ideas, formal and narrative, through different media to make the book even more mutant!

I think it's incredible how Bartosz is developing his weird world, so weird but also so near to reality, and looks to me a lot exotic too, I don't know if it's the same for you! A couple of important notes:
/ we obviously also reprinted the first Postapoland book, a successful book we can't miss in the catalog for sure, buy it HERE;
/ and we produced the so requested giant posters 100x70cm about postapoland, allnumbered and signed by Bartosz, printed on the prestigious Fedrigoni Arena Ivory Smooth 250g paper!
/ we have for sale a bunch of original artworks from this book too, just a few, because this new book is almost all digital art, and we have reserved for you a launch promotion for them, you can see them with 15% off on the new ones and 25% off on the old ones, but just for two days!
You can find everything

- How to Kille the Serpent

A small preview comic poster by Gizem Malkoc, something very limited and just for collectors, since it is just trinket in the waiting of her long book
"La Terzogenita", out in autumn 2023! Find it

- The Rust Kingdom (necromancer edition)

You have desired this for too much time, and finally it's real, the masterpiece and award winner by Spugna, The Rust Kingdom in its absolute edition! 1,3 kg of weight, hard cover, brilliant colors, and a special watercolor original drawing of the necromancer in the first inside page!
If you want one copy hurry up, we just did 150 in italian and 50 in english, but we sold more than 100 just in Lucca! Also don't forget to pick up it's other comics if you didn't that yet!

*** important note, we guess and hope to receive massive orders, just now in the while, before the sending of the newsletter and promotion on socials, we have received a couple of hundreds of orders, so we have learned the lesson, we know we need to be realistic, so we need sometime to prepare all the orders and ship them, so shipping will start from the end of november, and we will ship until 15 of december before to go in vacation, so if you want be 100% sure to get anything in december and anyway within crhistmas, BE SURE to select and pay for a courier shipping (fast, safe and registered),
thank you for your attention and patience.

More soon souls,
cant see this launch in games as an arrival point,
you know us... that's just another beginning...