New Shintaro Kago and Mat Brinkman books are OUT!

Hey souls, 
I hope everything is fine there with you!
It seems we are getting out from the tough pandemic period, and we can see the first signal, like the happening of Lucca Comics & Games in end of October, finally! I would say...

Anyway, in the while, we worked very hard to put out two main projects
(we are launching them on our official store right now, even if real pictures and video previews will be uploaded in next few days)


A new comic based on the never-ending castle world, the world our master Shintaro Kago built. It's "The Twelve Sisters of the Never-Ending Castle".
As always we have a stunning cover:
it is a new story set in the never-ending castle world, a stand alone story, shorter, 84 pages, different by the Princess one, but always with the elements that made the sensei famous in all the World!
No spoiler! Just give a look in the store to get your idea!
As last time the first edition is printed in a prestigious A4 hard cover heavy book on Fedrigoni natural bulk paper, UV spot on the cover.
before it goes out of stock.
When it will go sold out we will reprint it as a pocket edition like for the Princess.

Also for this we are putting out a huge version 24x34 cm, this time called the HARAKIRI edition, limited to just 312 copies, containing an interview and original artworks gallery for a total of 112 pages.
Also, the copies numbered from 301 to 312 contain a special original drawing by the master, with a sister committing suicide. You can find one of the very few copies HERE!!!

OBVIOUSLY, as always, we have for sale all original artworks from the book, we hope and suppose they will sell very fast, so if you fall in love with one of them don't hesitate to grab that one.
You can find all the ORIGINAL ARTWORKS HERE!!!
(an example of the beauty of the original artworks)

Done the presentations,
we have the pleasure to announce a couple of important news about Shintaro Kago stuff:

- first one we have for sale only 6 special pack of the Twelve Sisters
(including 1 x japanese version and 1 x english version)
for sale at retail price of 25+25=50€
this special and very limited pack includes as GIFT one of the opening chapter original drawings, one for each of the six chapters! It is random, so if you can't afford the purchase of a regular original artwork don't miss this opportunity, it is for you!
Find one of them HERE!

- second very important thing, since we knew from the beginning that Kago would have work on new manga set on this never-ending world, we have kept aside some dozen of copies of the very limited extra large/heavy
non-human edition of the Princess of the Never-Ending Castle.
They are now available in the store, so if you are a new customer and collector and you want absolutely to have both of them in this special version, now you have the chance to get them for the retail price!
Hurry up! I'm pretty sure they will not last for a long time.
You can find one copy HERE!


But as announced we have a very big news about the legend Mat Brinkman!
We finally put out something every Brinkman's fan is waiting since ever,
it was a very tough job, the scan were really small and our graphic Marcone made some of his wizardry to restore them!
Anyway it's finally out, it is
you can BUY IT HERE NOW!

it is a 14 x 14 squared book
160 pages with flaps
offset printing and UV spot on the cover
limited at 1800 copies
it comes with three tissue bookmarks!
a collection of 160 pages of ALL the monsters Brinkman drawn for his boardgames Cave Evil and Warcults

the idea of this publishing was to make a sort of necro-bible, something of pocket, easy to carry with you everywhere, to browse when you need, on the metro, on the train etc,
and I must say it works! I'm just drawing monsters every day with my 5 years old son!

but even for this Mat Brinkman book we have a surprise,
a gift for all those customers that always follow and support us,
we have reserved for only and exclusively the first 180 buyers, a special gift:
a mini-necro-comic of just 4 pages, certificate with official Hollow Press stomp on the back, it is:
So, buy it soon and get this special unique funny gift!


Last thing before saying goodbye
as announced we are buying a new warehouse for our company, and now and in next few months we will move a lot of stuff, including some old box with a lot of stuff from our archive.
There are many rare and collectible things coming out. So we chose to put some of them in auction on eBay.
The starting price for each auction is just a symbolic $
so you name the price!
please note that our main books get ALWAYS reprinted, so if you are interested to just read a book, buy the reprint on our store! And don't waste your money in auction!
Instead, if you are a collector like me, this could be a good chance to put your hands in some impossible to find stuff!
Give a look HERE!
That's all for now,
hope to see you all soon, maybe in live around this fucking world.

Thank you for your support!