Hollow Press New Books, October 2020

Daisuke Ichiba
Al Columbia
David Genchi

hello souls,
I'm here to announce that we launched a quick preorder for some very cool book.
First of all I hope you all are fine with the virus situation.
Here everything is fine and we are starting with regular publishings again.

Before to talk about the new releases I want say something very important for me: obviously we miss you a lot, for this 2020 we can't meet in any exhibition or festival, this is why I chose to make a very very very special offer for this preorder,
for EVERYONE that will spend at least 50€ in next order including at least one of the following products in preorder,
I will give you FOR FREE the official Hollow Press t-shirt,
I have always wanted to produce this t-shirt but I was just waiting the right chance, and right now, where the distance is so long as never before, this is the best moment.
(this t-shirt will be NOT for sale in the store!)
It is a wonderful 100% cotton black t-shirt with double white silkscreen (front and back).
So, when you place the order, just put in the order note the word "size" specifying if S,M,L or XL.

This offer is exclusive of the newsletter and socials announcements, so if it is not specified in the order note and if the requirements will be not respected no t-shirt will be sent, so please be precise.
This special offer is very limited and will end in 5 of November with no chance of extension.

so, giving a look at the picture above you can see that we have four new releases.

all these items are in preorder and will be shipped within 15 of November, as always you will get a notification shipping with a tracking code only if you choose and pay for a courier shipping, so please if you choose and pay for a standard and slow shipping just be patient, you know that the book will arrive.

Fingerless by Spugna

the so waited new long comic by Spugna, this time textless, of course the most introspective comic by Spugna! 184 pages in full color with an embossed effect on the eyes of the guy.
We are really proud of the carrier Spugna is taking on, probably you know that yet, but lately he made several important things, like a cover for the Panini/Marvel Carnage character and in the near future will be published a solo comic book about Dylan Dog for the Bonelli, the biggest publishing house here in Italy.
So don't miss this incredible new book, you can buy it
and you can buy one of the amazing and disturbing original artworks HERE
*important note, all copies ordered within 5 of November will be sketched and dedicated by the author (like in a festival!), please just consider that the name in the sketch will be the name of your shipping address during the order, if you prefer a different name or to have a pristine copy without any sketch just give us instructions in the order note.

The Life of Namazuko by Daisuke Ichiba:

this is the first of five old mangas Daisuke Ichiba made several years ago, they are all unpublished, just self-published by the author many years ago.
And we started from this one, there will be one for each year.
The Life of Namazuko is a 136 pages long manga, it's something I never read before, it's an incredible contrast between a very sad story and a very funny and grotesque story, never seen anything so in contrast like this, it's incredible how you want sometime cry and sometime laugh out loud.
Published in two different size, the cheap and small one, a classic manga size with dust jacket for only 15€ and a big hard cover for 35€.
The book is available in three languages, english, italian and japanese.
I personally want thanks my collaborators: the graphic designer Marco Cirillo Pedri who dedicates soul and body at this hardcore publishings with restorations, fixing and lettering. And to the two translators to have made an impossible translation struggling with words that don't exist at all and a lot of japanese slang.
It's a shame we don't have real pictures yet, since all the demons in the front and in the back are printed in a
BLACK UV silkscreen for a true unique effect.
You can buy the regular size HERE
and the HC version HERE
Daisuke Ichiba doesn't sell his comic original artworks, anyway we still have something in the store from the Hospital Train comic he made for us, give a look if you want.

the Biologic Show by Al Columbia:

Finally, after 30 years of waiting we have a collection of the masterpiece the Biologic Show by Al Columbia,
this collection will include:
the biologic show #0
the biologic show #1
unpublished pages by 23 Skidoo

the short Johhny 23 from the old Taboo magazine
for a high quality Hard Cover book,
with an embossed effect on the frame of the cover art.
The comics are exactly as the original versions, the inside cover are solid black as requested by the author and we put our hard work to make this book incredible with scans high quality restoration and a difficult lettering adaptation for the italian version.
You will not trust at your eyes looking at it in your hands.
Available HERE

Castrovalva by David Genchi:

talking about the genesis of this weird comic: David Genchi with his brother William Genchi worked for all the first half of this year at an ambitious project, a comic game to present in Lucca Comics 2020 in the game section, unfortunately, as you know all the festivals skipped for this year and we chose to postpone that big project to 2021, so I asked to Genchi to draw a short and large comic with NO rules.
And this is what came from, a crazy short comic of only 8 pages with a lot of fun and density.
It's a sort of biographical trip in the unconscious of the creativity of the artist, it's produced and sold like a newspaper and it's just 4€.
I want to admit that if this experiment will be a success of course I want purpose it again to other hollow artists. And obviously, as often happens, David Genchi is the opener for a such experimental project.
You can buy it HERE
and don't forget that we have all the original artworks of the book for sale HERE

nb: we also have reprinted the so waited La Gameti in italian version, it's exactly as the first edition, but soft cover and not hard cover anymore, since a lot of you wrote and asked us for a reprint, you can buy it HERE

That's all for now,
I hope I can make your winter weirder with these new books,
see you soon in December for a lot of Shintaro Kago news about new releases and reprints (since everything of the artist is sold out!!!)