Sparagomosia's Rising by Henri Dumas

33% off !
on Sparagomosia's Rising launch pack
volume 1 + 2
20€ instead of 30€ !!!

hey souls,
I have the pleasure to announce that our Henri Dumas, worked on a new series in last period, it's Sparagomosia Rising!
Once again Henri is working on a psychedelic comic series, and as always, if you ask him how many pages he will draw for it, he will answer that he just follow his artistic mood.
His comics are just "artistic flow", endless... are you ready to go deep in this last trip?
He produced so fast this comic series that I got two volumes ready at once, (now is working on 3° volume...)
anyway I choose to publish both the first two books together, and to let people buy both very affordably they are offered at 33% off for just 48h,
20€ instead of 30€
this offer will expire in monday morning.

I want share with you an extract from the beautiful introduction written by Spugna:

Take a trip into Henri Dumas's world and mind at the same time and open a gate to see through it; a trip as powerful as a spell that even he can't really control. Dumas’s mind shows us his world in all its honesty and true beauty. Despite its strangeness, everything presented in this world feels like it could be real.

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