The Princess Of The Never-Ending Castle By Shintaro Kago, Real Pictures And Shipping Update!

Hey souls, 
we are sending this newsletter just to let you know that everything is shipped finally!
It was one of the hardest shipping time ever, that you all for your support and patience, I really appreciate that, you always must be sure that we always give our best hard working, and we are really apologized for the waiting.

anyway here a full updated list of all the shippings timeline, please just check it to understand estimation date for delivery etc, we really have trouble to reply personally to you all request of info, so please contact us only if you don't get your book within the estimated elivery timing line.
Thank you very much!

- 20-21 January
we shipped all Lucca Comics 2020 preorders
status: delivered

- 23-24 January
we shipped all store preorders for the bundle jap+eng version
status: delivered

- 27-31 January
we shipped all orders of customers that selected courier shipping, expansive, but fast and safe.
status: delivered. Anyway most recent orders are on their way and you should have received your tracking number.

- 3-4 February and 10-11 February
we shipped all orders to the customers that ordered it with ordinary shipping, we gave priority to the worldwide shipping because they are obviously slower compared to the national ones.
As you know these are standard and cheap shippings, they absolutely have NO track code (don't ask for it), usually arrive within 10-30 days from the shipping date.
But sometime get delayed and can get 30-45 days to arrive,
it's very rare they go lost by the postal system, considering our long experience: 1-2 packages on 100 get lost, no more.
so please just be patient and no rush, if you have rush please order selecting and pay for the courier shipping next time, that's expansive but fast and safe.
Anyway you should get it within end of February or at the very limit within middle March,
if you don't get it contact us through our contact form and we will try to find the package or any other solution, please try to NOT contact us before, we can do NOTHING before!


so, after the shipping update I want talk to all other people that didn't ordered the book yet,

this book will be always available and reprinted, but NOT in this prestigious Hard Cover version again, this is exclusive of the first edition and first buyers, after that will become of course an item for collectors...

the reprints will be always Soft Cover!

I just want let you know that we put out a total run of 1650 copies as you know, and in the first month of sales we sold more than one thousand of copies, so if you want be sure to get a copy of the first edition hurry up to order one!


we also finally updated the store page with real pictures and a VIDEO PREVIEW, here a screen:


I also want notice you that we sold more than one hundred original artworks from this book, and I don't think they will last for a lot of time, I suggest you to give a look HERE!

infinte black thanks to you all!